Seeking new Guildies!

Guild: Välhällä

Server: Blackrock-NA

Faction: Cross-Faction (Primary Horde)


Välhällä is looking for new battle hungry warriors of Azeroth. The gates of Välhällä are open to all warriors of both factions. We are a laid back group of mature adults. Our current objective as a guild is building our foundation of core and active players. We communicate daily via Discord, while in and out of game.

If you’re a casual or experience player we got room for you.

Currently taking all roles, specs, and classes. We have a great community of support. Always available to give guidance, advice, and help where ever we can. We are mostly EST. While most of our members are casual we are looking for more people wishing to invest into the following content:

Mythic + (need more healers, no experience needed, just a willingness to learn and develop)

Raiding (currently hosting morning/weekend or early evening/weekend) Raid team being built, currently still need 2 healers, 1 melee dps, and 1 ranges dps)

Rated PVP, (Currently have a small team established that competes nearly everyday and host RBG’s on Friday.). Currently seeking: Rogue, Tank, Ranged Dps, and Healer

Casual players looking for company (Leveling, TMog and Mount farming)

Connected servers to Blackrock:


Khaz Modan



Bnet ID: Mohrigan#1944

Discord ID: Rabane

Bnet ID.: ADManzo# 1645

Discord ID: Adam(Dad)#2137

Bnet ID : Arrow#1893

Discord ID: Scorch#8355