Seeking: Horde Heroic Raiders and Keystone Masters

has immediate vacancies for healers 205+. Seeking all classes and roles. Alts and casuals encouraged to join the same.

Guild’s current evolution is 8/10H as a squad and +15’s. Cores currently AotC with Mythic CN experience and moderate to high IO.

Guild raids as family Fridays at 8p realm time. One shot or bust. Pushing alts till 9.1.

Incoming members can easily plug into Mythic Plus, PvP, and all other content. All active members capable of timing +10 and higher efficiently and prefer guild groups over random. Though we have a lesser presence in PvP, we do offer rated arena accessibility with some members established into 1900. Rated 10s have been on the floor and may become a regular activity when the capacity becomes available.

Our typical time frame is 5p-11p realm time with 6-8 regular casuals in endgame content daily and peak to 15 +/- on raid events.

Our goal is to establish an atmosphere of proficiency that bolsters the capacity for high end achievement without the necessity of being “hardcore players.” Our desire is to grow to a Cutting Edge achievement guild, but not interested in being commercially competitive.

Recruits will need to possess a good fundamental level of maturity. Hate will not be tolerated.

Hope to see you soon.