Seeking Hardware Recommendation

I’m going to be getting back into WoW soon and because of this, I’ll need a new laptop.

(I’d prefer to build however, the portability of the laptop will be extremely valuable for my work/lifestyle)

This being said, while at home I’d like to be able to simply connect it to the Tv which is 4k.

Which laptops would you recommend that would perform well on 4k Ultra?

Thank you

P.S. I posted here instead of the hardware section due to not currently having an active sub. If a Chab wants to post my question there so I can see responses that’d be really neat.

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Most modern gaming laptops can run WoW phenomenally. I purchased a brand new in box HP Omen with a GTX 3060 card off of facebook marketplace. Highly recommend this laptop! I run an external monitor and all sorts of stuff in the background and I never lag, always 100+ fps. Great machine.

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I find this interesting and it shows me I’m looking at WAY overkill.

I literally only play wow, city skylines and the sims 4(my wife)

So don’t really need a ton of power, but because the “display” is a 4k tv at home I worry if a 3060 will be enough