Seeking grown ups

Were you alive when Reagan was president?
Do you remember America Online?
Did you see Star Wars in 1977?
Do you remember The Duke?

Me too!

Returning player seeks “elder” players, grown ups, mature people to game with. Nothing against the younglings, but I prefer to spend my time with people I have more in common with, my generation or close to it.

Looking for a guild made up of “mature” people for game play, dungeons, etc.

Hit me up here, or you can find me on my main character, Cymon

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Hi Cymon,

Malicious Cowz the guild I’m in the majority of core officers and members are older players def around your age. We also have some that are older and have some that are younger as well. We are def 18 and older - don’t have kids in the guild. If you would like more information feel free to reach out to me in game or on discord.

In Game contact via Battlenet: Ibokagain#1589

Discord: Ibok#9250