Seeking an Alliance Progression Guild

Our faction is so dead that it's nearly impossible to get enough people to take on even the easier Uldir mythic bosses, and I would like to make a decent stab at progression on the alliance side without being beholden to PUGing everything under the sun.

With that in mind:

Any Alliance guilds (who are active in M+ and heroic+ raiding) seeking new members?

Alternately, I'd be very interested in starting a new raiding guild if any decent players showed the desire to work on doing so with me.

I'm 8/8H on this character (mostly as a tank), and have a similarly geared and accomplished Restoration/Balance druid.

Please send me a message in-game and we can chat. I'm happy to tank, lead raids, or perform other necessary duties to progress the group.

Well, given the lack of responses here, I decided to make a guild.

Send a message if interested.

Guild is called Mechanism

Currently looking for members interested in M+ pushing.

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This is a Horde only server. Alliance aren’t welcome here.

Thank you for the info, Nyarlethotep.

Your input is valuable to us. Please stay on the line for the next available representative.

Boop. :skull:

I’ll be messaging you guys when I log on next time.

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