Seeing whats out there

Hey all I just wanted to see what’s out there going into Shadowlands in terms of content, culture and atmosphere. I’m the type of player that wants mythic plus over raiding but also interested in pushing Mythic raid as far as the group can go (without extreme days, times or even mythic attitude). For culture and atmosphere I’m looking for more chill type guild thats both social and semi content push. Also ones that play outside games other than WoW would be pretty ok. Like I said I’m just seeing whats out there in the WoW verse. I would prefer to stay on Zul’Jin. In Shadowlands so far I am enjoying the playstyle of , Blood DK, Feral/Guard Druid, Ret/Prot Paly and (need more time to playtest Prot Warrior). All time is into Feral druids tho so it will more than likely stay main.

This is geared to maybe more a community and maybe a guild role but for now if possible prefer a Community aspect running keys and mythic raids (2800 IO in pugs in S4 and 3/12 M pugs Nya) is my xp. Feel free to hit me up on Bnet Shaded#11410 or Discord Shaded Nexus#3002. If questions or comments best response time is from Discord and will answer anything you all need to know.

Lets have a chat.

Hello, horde side on Thrall. We are recruiting in regards to Shadowlands raid content for weekday as well as our weekend raid team. We are AOTC guaranteed, Mythic progression, with heroic always on farm.


-Wednesday/Thursday: 10-1est.

-Looking to recruit for Heals, DPS and possibly Off-tank/DPS

-Hard progression, strict enviorment, Must meet requirments.

-Heroic -> Mythic


-Sunday/Monday 10pm-1am EST

-Looking to recruit anyone

-Laid back casual enviorment

-Normal -> Heroic


-Good Attendance barring Emergencies

-Fully enchanted , with personal food and proper pots for your class and spec

-A general understanding of raid bosses as we approach them

-Improving yourself thru world questing, reps, keys, etc…

-Good knowledge of your toon and spec, if need assistance this will be the player responsibility to seek this out.

-Cauldrons will be provided

The goal is to succeed as a team and progress thru content via communication,structure and continued improvement in and out of raid enviroments without the elitist mentality or attitude. We want to supply opportunities for the entry level raider with our weekday team as well progression raiding with our weekend team.

Please contact the following on Discord.

GM- AwesomeIsMatt#1304

Officer- Saraid#2102

Officer- Alfaro#7894