Seeing replies from players on ignore

Don’t think so, but maybe something in line with that.

I don’t see all the replies from the people I have on ignore. Like right now, it shows I have two more responses in the thread and both are from ignored players. Sometimes it shows the name of an ignore player, but most of the time it doesn’t. But sometimes I just see replies, I click on that, and it brings me to an already expanded response that’s from a player who is on ignore.

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I’m also dealing with this problem. I’m being spam report on everything.

You should probably remove the link as a call out and cross post and report it as trolling.


You will want to flag that post as not appropriate, and the one after it. Seems that is a new account that joined the forum on Feb 17th, and seems intent on being disruptive and trolling.

Keep in mind, even when you Ignore someone, they can still see your posts. That is intentional. Anything we post can be read by others. We can only control what WE see, not what others see.

Also - the Arena forums seem to have more drama than GD sometimes. Yikes.


Sure, but I cant stop fake reports with the ignore feature.

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No, but the Mods are not going to penalize you or remove your post if it does not actually break the rules.

People who abuse the forum reporting system by using multiple characters to report, using multiple accounts to report, or coordinating mass reporting (if it can be proven to happen), can be penalized by the Mods for abusing the report system.

I get reported too, esp because green draws attention. I only got suspended once, and it was an accident. The Mod meant to remove the flag and accidentally sent me on vacation. It got fixed, and the person switching alts to report me got their penalty. It was over a super boring CS post with a support article link too. Like, I get he did not like the answer but what?


Unfounded reports will result in the post being restored. Generally you wont see any action against those reporting problems if it turns out to be unfounded so as not to discourage people from reporting things they view as a violation of the rules. However, the forum moderation team can look into patterns of manipulation or collusion to report posts without cause.

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It’s annoying to deal with being followed on every thread and spam reported. Ignore feature only helps to not see their post, but being targeted and followed is scary.

I get your point though.


The forum software is third-party. Blizzard doesn’t make any changes, that company does. Blizzard can request changes but it doesn’t mean those changes can happen.


I know the attention can be unnerving. I get that completely. They hate your green Orc so much they have to waste time going around reporting it. It is an online character though, not your real life - thankfully! While no fun, hopefully your real name is not Swole and it does not result in any real life threats to you.

It certainly is annoying and frustrating though, esp if you have to deal with posts being click to view - hidden all the time. Good part, people always click grey hidden posts because those might be more interesting than average. Kind of like people always slow down to look at accidents.


That isn’t always the case and it’s the reason for the thread. I’m still seeing replies from players I have on ignore. Not always, but more then I would want. Likewise, I get notifications from accounts that I have on ignore. If more than one account that is on ignore replies, I just see I have two replies. Clicking on that notifications then takes me to the two, already expanded replies. =/

I had no idea. That might explain the lack of quality of life changes.

And holy Tauren the mods keep moving and changing stuff in this thread


I was talking about the general intent of how Ignore is supposed to work on the forums. I understand you are experiencing bugs, or less than desired behavior, with the current software. It is called Discourse if you want to check their website.

I have my fingers crossed that someday the WoW forums will work like the rest of the Blizzard forums. Ignore being Bnet account wide so they cant’ switch alts, account wide flags, account wide likes, account wide trust levels, account wide post history.

Then no amount of switching alts changes what that Bnet can do. It also means changing a name or server transfer does not mess up someone’s forum trust or posting history. Win win.

On this forum it is mostly moderated by the Forum Support Agents. There are only a handful of those. Mostly Orlyia and Vrakthris.

I did not notice any moderation yet, but the forum software is delivering the notifications for replies, likes, etc really late. I would blame the forum software before I blame moderation unless it was something bad.

OH - we were moved to Website Bug Report! Ok then. That was a ride. Highly likely to be Mods unless the OP moved their own thread.


Yes! Please!

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Good to know and will check it out.

That would be awesome.

In the past, the forums were a bit more self policing. Given that you could see everyone’s alts, you at least had some idea who you were dealing with. These days it’s just more alts and more hidden accounts and it’s sometimes impossible to know if you’re just dealing with one troll or if it’s actually a group of people. Regardless, it’s getting worse. :frowning:

(Hopping on some alts right now… doing some testing.)


What did you link me in here?

Almost every post I’ve made that’s even remotely critical of you, even with kindergarten school yard insults like stinky head, have been spam reported by what I assume was you and your alt army that you like your own posts on.

We all know you’re Buddhee, and now you’re here crying and pretending to be a victim? Lol.


This would be fantastic. The arena forums has a resident Enhancement shaman who pays for carries and proceeds to rating bash others while it’s stuck at 2k and, when it gets called on it, it proceeds to use alts to make it look like people agree with it and begins to make off color comments about peoples’ children.


Youre right.