Secret to dungeons

Step one: Make a tank
Step two: Queue as a tank
Step three: Walk through the dungeon, watching the DPS do everything for you.

Tanks are not needed unless you are playing M+ or Raiding and Blizzard doent care about players learning how to actually play the tank role anymore so if you are looking for an easy way to level, this is the easiest.

The issue isn’t tanks, it’s that leveling dungeons (and normal / heroic dungeons for that matter) are stupidly undertuned.

…a Toon as a tank…
Level questing till at least …Northern or 30.
Select Northern Cromie time.
Go thru the darkportal without takining the quest or entering the light up area…
Go around it.
Make your Garrason.

Queue as a Tank.
Tell hunter to pet pull as fast as they wish.
Look at who they wish to pull.
They should missdirect to you as the tank.
The hunter has CD’s that aline with a fast pace. If you wish to have a mage or warlock do the same…not as fast as a hunter.
Once you understand who to CC and who to pull. The casters are the worst mobs…cc.
Warriors leap and rush.
Deathknights pull stuff all together.
Bear just bleads…
Another plug for hunters.
They can tell their pet to stay.
Then missdirect to that pet all the mobs in a area…and when they get to the pet.
Dismiss the pet…mobs all go where?