Seasoned RPer seeks RP Guild

Greetings and Salutations Moon Guardians,
As the title says I am a seasoned role player who seeks a Role Play guild. I have been playing since BC and Rping WoW since Wrath. I am freshly relocated from a dead realm and am looking to make contacts for fun and RP.

My character, Mast, is a human adult male hunter, ranger, and archaeologist. He is originally from Southshore and made his way to the lower regions of the Eastern Kingdom with his family as a child. Now an adult he works quite a bit with the Explorers League and is an experienced tracker. He is more of a woodsman then a city dweller, preferring the outdoors. He knows how to both live off the land and live with the land.

A little about the player -

  1. I don’t do any voice chat as I am hearing impaired. I wouldn’t be able to hear you and the noises I would make would not be understood :wink:

  2. I need an active guild. I get bored easily lol. I am a story teller and I tell those stories through my characters, so yeah, I am kind of a nerd.

  3. RP is my priority. I have zero interest in ERP of any kind, and I am not a huge fan of PvP. I just don’t enjoy it, so I stay out of the way of those who do. I do, however, enjoy PvE content very much and am always up for a dungeon run, raid, all of that other pve stuff.

  4. I am an adult and I appreciate a level of maturity in those I spend my time with.

  5. (Last one! Promise) I have just recently relocated here to MG so all my characters are wee leetle lowbie characters. That is being addressed as fast as I can >.< I do like to have a main character in a guild, and one alt, so if my main gets messed up and squashed like a bug I still have some RP options. Just an FYI :slight_smile:

So, that is it in a nutshell. Hit me up in game or here if interested. Mastandar is the character name in game.



You might be a good fit for The Shikari Collective. I would be happy to give you an ooc interview over text on discord or battlenet if you’re interested in adventure, combat, comedy, and a bit of tavern rp.

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They’re mostly focused on relics and such related to Tyr, but the first guild I thought of upon reading your post is Vigilants of Tyr. Fun group of people, and do non-military adventure stories frequently!