Season of Mastery PvP Rank Fix Underway

It says in the paragraph that they intend to refund. Did you not read it all?

I think, unless the stars line up very well for them, it will take a top bracket spot twice to finish.

While a great many players’ Ranks have been corrected, we continue to work through the fixes for every Season of Mastery realm in every region. We expect that work to take several more hours to complete. We’re currently scheduling realm restarts for some realms tomorrow to help speed up the process.

Please note that any gold refunds for high rank gear that is removed will come later. It may take several days for all refunds to be processed.


several days for a refund, well done clowns

As long as I get my gold back I’m fine. Sitting at 13 gold right now in inventory.

buying mount for 90g? instant
taking mount from me? instant
refunding 90g? 2-3 days??


At least it’s getting fixed.

On a saturday ??? REALLY ??? wtf is wrong with the ppl working here …

Thank you for working to fix this, it is appreciated.

Can you please fix the pre-mades in AV now?

In the last 3 days the quality of games has been destroyed by discord pre-made groups.

I was very much enjoying pvp this season but the quality of games is so bad now it isn’t even pvp. It’s either half empty games, 1 side lacking a full squad, or a pre-made absolutely annihilating the npcs and ignoring all the players.

Please do something to fix this like causing people who drop queue to get the deserter buff.

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Its not fixed yet !