Season of Mastery PvP Rank Fix Underway

Season of Beta


people would be getting rank 12 next week if everything worked as intended


more sub money bro u gotta sit there against the 4hr turtles

Thank you!!


Lul thinking you can AFK and get R14 the 1st week.


so theyve slapped next weeks honor on top of this weeks? so people will be r12 in 4 days anyways?

Yep but not rank 13 which some people have. Also a lot fewer people.

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make rank 13/14 gear available after mc problems solved

still haven’t seen a single proof of rank 13

They have it in EU. They got an extra reset on a technicality.

so EU being 2 weeks ahead? ok… still only 12’s on NA, welcome to the NA forum

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I can’t talk about EU because I’m on NA forum? Is that a rule somewhere?

no one is rank 14 because of this. and yes u can afk to rank 14 in AV meta

it’s pretty irrelevant here yeah, the max on NA is 12, 1 week ahead, we’ll get it next week.

the max on EU is 13 i guess, 2 weeks ahead because of their problems. whatever.

let’s talk about classic ERA here i guess, there’s so many rank 14’s in era it’s ruining SOM! D:

yep im clueless :stuck_out_tongue: totally not bracket 14 every week

You def aren’t.

it said r14 in 6 weeks is the fastest… we are on week 3… so yeah.

I’m personally take the slow route to rank 12-13 and then 1 week of br1 and I’ll have r14 :slight_smile: no need to rush, enjoy the game… do some PvE/world stuff. Stop living in instances where nothing important happens… Go become public enemy #1 to ur opposing faction on ur server or something. The real fun to wow is out in the world on ur server.

Become a bot hunter with a crew and roam the lands pvping and reporting bots and piss off those gold sellers hehe… love getting 20+ botters banned everyday. muahaha

Word to the wise, even with 11999 CP per reset, you’ll be looking at two resets of 12550 CP atleast (yeah even with 13000 it’s two resets) to nudge over 60000 rank points. (Assuming you aren’t wanting to sit br2 for more than 5 or so weeks).

Did you even read the post?

we intend to refund and remove gear

If they want it to take 6 weeks to hit r14 how are they going to hit 12 after week 3 reset when the most you gain from ranking 12-14 is one