Season of Mastery: Blackwing Lair is Now Live!

My server is dead pretty much, but I still sell mooncloth bags.

Does the 100% xp bonus kick in February 10th as well? Would like to jump back in to try it.

There’s an 8 hour maintenance tomorrow, I’mma guess “yes”.

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Lol whatever, you ignore the content of my post while admitting you are just a flamer? Interesting tactic. Those of us who want to positively impact the game and community we love will continue to lobby for positive change and against being pushed further and further toward the mess refail has become.

You seem to be misunderstanding the broader purpose of this implementation of the game. If you want the true classic leveling experience, then go play Era. Obviously SOM is not intended to be an Era clone.

At this point in the season, the XP increase is necessary because a lot of people with 60s are just raid/pvp weekend logging, and others don’t want to start now because they feel they will be way too far behind. The xp increase incentivizes the creation of new characters, be they fresh or alts, which means more active players, which means better server health.

What other “positive change” would you lobby for in the context of the SOM model?


Looks like a standard “classic” community thread