Season of Discovery - Seal of Martyrdom & Seal of Command Seal Twisting Broken

Currently it is not possible to seal twist Seal of Martyrdom and Seal of Command.

There should usually be a window where both spells remain when a new seal is cast, allowing for both seals to proc on the next swing resulting in the mechanic of seal twisting.

Currently on Season of Discovery, Seal of Martyrdom & Seal of Command are not able to be Seal Twisted and simply replace each other disabling the mechanic completely.

Please fix these spells so that they can be seal twisted, for many paladins this is their favourite mechanic / playstyle within the class in classic wow and in may ways is iconic and class defining forming a unique skillset which allows players to perform an extremely satisfying attack combo based on player skill.

Please fix these spells so that they allow for a 1 second window following a new seal being cast, and allow players to play the game how they want to once again.



Just confirming this is still an issue

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pallys already broken OP. nerf their insane 25 kit first then bug fix to allow pallys to continue exploiting seals