Season of Discovery is now a Direct Upgrade to Era

This. Can’t seem to find one.

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Well not really but what’s the point of the season if 90% of it doesn’t incorporate this basic aspect of classic. We have raids, so there should be a PVP grind that offers you that stays on power with phase raid gear. It looks like the bracers aren’t even going to be added, even though they are perfectly in line with SoD raid gear. Not even a bone thrown. And to add insult injury, they’re not even going to put rank 14 gear in until it’s obsoleted by AQ gear.

I don’t know, I don’t want to write another dissertation on this again. I’ve done so many.

SoD is fun, but I’d love an actual classic based season instead of in-name-only. And I think they’re missing a huge opportunity by overlaping demographic targets that already subscribe for retail.

This… Where is this documented?

They did say they are working on a permanent place for our characters and they WOULD NOT be dumped on Era.

The popular assumption is they will make permanent ‘Discovery’ Servers and dump our characters there.

Just having fun not overthinking it

How much of Classic Era was there in Aug 2019?
1 raid? 2?
None of the bracers either.

(They’re added)

I’m pretty sure that was the point.

To try and expand on classic in such a way that appeals to classic enjoyers (such as me) who want more out of the game than the same 20 year old template that is Era.

I wouldn’t be surprised (if this succeeds like it seems it might) if this isn’t the beginning of them starting over with Classic and advancing it in such a way as to avoid the pitfalls of the original progression.

(I.E. Skipping making TBC raid needllessly difficult to attune for, RDF and lvl 20 mounts in wrath, BoA gear… etc…)

I agree, even though I think they should change more base abilities and talents, a lot are straight unusable…

Also I would say that for me the simple fact that there is no wow token in SoD already makes it vastly superior.

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It’s a minigame for everyone.

Ya like where is all this info coming from???

I like my SoD hunter better than my retail hunter. I feel like I am playing a 3rd person action game in retail vs. a RPG in SoD.

You can have all the bots if you want. I don’t want em. The damage gdkps have done to eras economy is irreversible. Screw playing a game where a potion costs 50+g and flasks cost nearly 1000 lol.

Soon potions on Era will be 2g again with these bots coming back

Whereas they will be like 50g on SoD if you have no gdkps / bots when y’all hit 60. But I doubt you will have no bots, even without GDKPs a huge % of SoDers will swipe.

They won’t be 50g in sod because the inflation won’t be there. People don’t have Millions of gold like they do in era. People won’t sell items for prices people won’t pay. Which they won’t without gdkp because the value of gold will stay much, much lower than it is in game modes where gdkp is allowed and bots don’t flood their market with truckloads of gold.

If you seriously think era potions will go down to 2g you’re huffing some serious copium :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

And yet, in 12 months, your character will be transferred to an Era server. Season of Discovery is a season, and will not last, so I don’t consider it an upgrade, just a temporary alternative.

I think I’ve never had a desire to play era or any other version of “standard” classic, but that era is still better for some people. I doubt these are competing directly in such a way and even if they are, we’re all still paying into Microsoft’s pocket so who cares?

For example:

Changes being made because new runes are exacerbating issues, but still changes to base abilities.

Wowhead says

Duration changed from -1 ms to 0 ms

WTF does that even mean

Not if you enjoy PVP its not.

You might be onto something here….

In some ways, it seems like a downgrade. The quality of the quest-giver interfaces for Rune-related quests is obviously janky - I don’t use any UI addons, and I regularly find myself having to /reload after talking with one of the SoD NPCs, due to all NPC menus becoming the same, even at flight paths, etc.

Also, macros using things like Legs Rune Ability don’t function properly, which is in my opinion much more important than something like any class spell tuning, because it’s literally the interface we use for this part of the game (SoD).

The experience boost doesn’t feel Classic, but very Retail-like. I’ve had a lot of fun in Phase 1, but I’m somewhat doubtful that I’ll stick with SoD through all phases, as it does feel like being a frog in a pot as the water slowly heats up, while also knowing that you’re in that pot and it’s heating up.

The decisions to cater to exploiters in BGs, and the cultural curation in the direction of those who seem to lean towards enjoying Retail design (ease of grouping, ease of doing nothing while obtaining gear, etc.) seems to be the way we’re going. If that’s what you’re pointing to and calling upgrades then sure, it seems to be that way.