Season of Discovery Hotfixes - Updated February 12

Please give this more attention, blizzard. This is a massive problem

This Rep grind kills all motivation I have to play SoD, Blizzard. It is not fun, engaging or well designed. Please remove it. I have not t seen a box in 3 days!!!

I had planned on leveling all classes 25, now I just want to play a different game entirely. :face_vomiting:


So uh. Are you really just gonna completely crush hunter without a word. Pet scaling has been completely removed. I get just nerfing scorpid or fixing the KC rune but you completely destroyed every spec out of no where.

I’m generally on your guys side with a lot of changes but not saying anything is a complete no go for me.

Edit: They also made it so aspect of the lion no longer buffs your pet :confused: (I’ve just been informed it actually takes away pet stats right now lmao. So we are actually incentivized to completely stop using it)

Why is someone randomly nerfing stuff with no oversight. I keep hearing about other things that were nerfed now. What is going on?

Edit2: So literally like 10 minutes ago they completely reverted all the hunter changes. People are saying some of the changes are still in place but from the looks of it. Scorpid is good again and lion applies to pets again. No idea what is actual change until an official post cause it seems like everything was pretty much fully reverted

Someone needs to let aggrend post on the forums. Having to learn about this on twitter is stupid.


buff warriors please


Season of discoveries motto…“You DISCOVER it, we NERF it.” welcome home says blizzard.


Thanks for the update. Could ya’ll look into Priest’s Homunculi. They don’t seem to be behaving properly. Sometimes running off to attack non-hostile critters. If they aren’t bugged, could the devs please make them a little more intelligent, get them to atleast assist the priest on what they’re currently attacking.

Please post the silent bugfix/nerfs/hotfixes (hunter nerfs, 2nd or 3rd round of mage healing nerfs etc.)

Or start a new thread and lock it to blue posts so people have a reference for this stuff.


+1 for this especially the invisible hotfixes, one of old Blizzard North’s greatest strengths was concise patch notes for every change.

Just let us know what’s going on please.


It’s odd because in that video on release day we were told the goal was to aim for fun over balance. Let things be a little wild in favor of fun. The Hunter changes weren’t toning down, they were decidedly heavy handed nerfs- no fun. No explosive build, no chimera build, no BM build, and a buggy melee build.

I really wanted to play my Hunter, but I personally just really like explosive shot from Wotlk. I’d been happy if Explosive shot got reduced to 85 or 75% of it’s damage, and maybe Chimera stayed the same, or slightly nerfed? Erring on the side of the same. Alot of things don’t scale right, pets, scorpid sting. Changing explosive shot to a weak aoe, nothing just really feels new or fun anymore for Hunter/


As a warlock, I love you devs!!! But as player I love you twice for letting us carry multiple Supply Shipment crates!!!

Can we stop with silent nerfs? I understand and generally agree with class balance. But just doing it as a hotfix without communication 5hours later is just bad for the playerbase


hah, yeah found 4 in one day and had to pick and choose which one I’d rather want to turn in… Nope Blizzard didn’t allow for multiple waylaid chest in my inventory.

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It’s pretty crazy man. I was doing my best to stay positive about my choice to play hunter and the constant nerfs have just brought the class back to its vanilla state. I never even got max level to use the scorpid build so idc about them fixing that, but they just are removing anything new that they added to the class.


There were not that many changes that they needed to leave items out. Kaivax, please update the patch notes to correctly identify all the nerfs (changes) made.

They really know how to slap us across the face with a closed fist.

Also mage healing is super inconsistent, quit nerfing it. I’ve seen the values drop multiple times now over the past few days. Seems like they are silently nerfing mage healing on the backend.

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Why multiple filled supply shipment crates? You’d run back to town to fill them.

There is no way to really target ones you specifically can just automatically fill. This doesn’t help the issue that you have to constantly sit on flight paths going back and forth over and over again to go back to town to fill the crates or just turn them in if the crates impossible to fill.

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+1 to all of this. A couple changes to Main Gauche (dynamic energy generation) and Blade Dance (tab target compatibility) would go a really long way, along with just making the 20% DR a passive on JAFW.

I like @Myror’s suggestion for Blade Dance:

“While the buff is active, retain up to X combo points when switching targets. The combo points must be spent within X seconds of choosing a new target, or they are lost. The number of combo points you are able to retain are equal to how many points you spend when activating Blade dance.”

Edit: after some thought, blade dance should just have “while the buff is active, you will retain unspent 3 CP when switching targets”. No need to over complicate things or run into “a more powerful spell is active” issues.


Whoever approved the multiple completed shipments instead of allowing multiple regular crates, has literal room temp IQ.


And now silently nerfing things.
No word about it.
How about you guys just come out and say it publicly since your actions prove it time after time again.
Hunters will never get a fair shake in a classic setting.
Just discover you either are stuck with what vanilla hunter was, or you are forced to melee and be subject to the lowest performance due to all other melee classes being made to be melee.
So much for being excited about ‘new amazing gameplay’…


That would still be kinda rough on pack pulls i think. First 3-4 globals are going to be tab SSing so unless you spent time to build CPs on your primary target (during which all but one mob are completely loose) then you get the weakest Blade Dance.

3 CP transfer for varying amount of time feels better to me.

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