Season of Discovery Hotfixes - Updated February 12

These were all known problems since before christmas break, people have been talking about their 0 - 12 win loss records against premades since people started hitting 25s, the bots have been rampant since Day 1

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This, so much all this. ^^^^^

And with two weeks off and seeing some of the community chatter that is literally everywhere and the newer players coming into SoD seeing the same things, several of them being even worse than before break?

This should have been a slam dunk meeting on what the next priorities for the group should be.

Hell, knowing Blizzard one of them prob wants to spend time cleaning up their GIT library before the phase 2 release to make it easier to “find code”. The groups I’ve managed always use that as an excuse to get an extra coffee break in every day, because it sure as heck never got done.

It was talked about in a blue post in the past any plans to allow us to go revered to exalted in Battle for Ashenvale?

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Nice. Hell Yeah. Let em cook.


Let them cook at least for the week.

literally shouldnt of said anything until there was more to say… lol

loving season of discovery

Aggrend saw my tweet about premades and unlink himself from it.

Battle for WSG isn’t in game anymore. It’s playing out in the forums.

Devs and blizzard at this point are allowing and encouraging exploitation of under-geared, less knowledgeable, more casual, new, and solo players.

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yeah i agree!

I see your point of course

Hrmmm, he’s usually not that obtuse about uproars.

Something is going on internally.

Great change, keep up the good work Blizzard!

what a nothing burger

This is a good change. My raid was wiped at Zoram in a losing pvp battle. I chose to release.

The event ended while running back, and since the respawn is in Darkshore rather than Ashenvale, I did not get any rep. It’s clearly not intended to be this way since everyone in the zone gets rep at the end of the event, so respawning in another zone during the event is a problem.

It’s small, but needed. Thank you!

Not going to mention the stealth nerf to pets and boon world buff?

These were put in for the Horde I assume? Our Spirit Healers must of really had their work cut out for them considering that Alliance seem to out form us on average 2 or 3:1.

It was grouped with a non-classic hotfix. Not sure why they haven’t put it here, it does make it difficult to follow when done this way.

"Season of Discovery

  • Boon of Blackfathom no longer applies to pets.
    • Developer’s Note: We are essentially removing the ability for pets to get Boon of Blackfathom for now. Now that pets scale with stats, allowing them to get certain world buffs would effectively let them “double dip” on these effects and gain far more damage than intended. We’ll continue to review this as we move through the content phases and make adjustments to how world buffs interact with pets as needed."
      WoW Hotfixes - January 2 - #234 by Bornakk
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January 5, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Crafted Void-Touched Armor on-use effects are now exclusive with each other and share a cooldown.

Nerf world buffs for bleeds, dots and poisons as they scale with the character as well. Since you nerfed pets and all.


Great job! Now add one closer to SFK for alliance please.