Season of Discovery Hotfixes - Updated February 12

We Need “Raid Finder”, Please

Layering is still butchered. You should scrap it all together. Just add more servers. It’s a complete dumpster fire. I don’t think you’re short on cash.

100% agree!

Hell yeah that’s awesome

Great Stuff!


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So many SOD updates while wrath is left to rot.

Not sure if ignorance or really bad joke.

Wrath is a complete game. What more do you want out of it?

Make Scorps great again

When will server transfers be coming?

ignore this for logs

Shadow Word: Pain works on some mobs, but it’ll say they are immune to the rune DoT ability of Void Plague.

Noticed this when I was fighting some elementals.

If they aren’t immune to one, they shouldn’t be immune to the other.

Both do shadow damage.

Elementals are immune to diseases smooth brain


Damn, whole time I thought it was just another shadow spell.

The tooltip doesn’t call it a disease (no wait, it does lol), but I guess it can be inferred by the name.

Eh, not a regular Priest player, I feel like I can be forgiven for this blunder.


Void plague = disease debuff
Shadow ward: pain = magic debuff

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testing testing

WoW Logs let’s go!!!

January 2, 2024

Season of Discovery

  • Two additional Spirit Healers will be present during the Battle for Ashenvale in the northwest of the zone.

That’s it?

That’s all that could be decided on after talking this morning?

After all the problems in WSG?
After all the issues with 5/7 pugs?
After all the reports of bots taking over ENTIRE layers?
After all the videos of hundreds of level 16 rogues in stockades?

After everything that’s happened over the holiday break, this is all that they could decide on and get done after the first scrum meeting?

Wow, just… wow.


They just got back to work, give them a couple days.