Season of Discovery Class Tuning - January 11

I wish very TOS things upon you.


And yet you are dwelling further on this same side-argument, I could care less about the specs, i just listed the data from WCL, which accurately measures the performances of each class currently.

If you wish to keep dwelling on the “they are the same spec but play slightly different” thats fine, i dont disagree with that at all lol.

the tears from hunter players on this thread is too good


I know its gonna be rough having to slightly play the game now


WAYYYYYYY TOO LATE, if you ask me lol.

I’ve already had my fun on my Hunter, at the expense of others.

Eyes of the Beast griefing other players was fun, but disgusting.

Can’t wait to find the next broken thing and exploit it for months because the fixes are too slow.

I’m shelving my Hunter after this, that’s for sure lol. Fun’s over.


hey kaivax how do you feel about mages pulling 150+ mobs in wailing caverns and standing still tanking all of them healing through the damage with living flame and regen?


A nerf to the efficiency of those spells still means that they then have to actually cast something else, which does cost more mana.

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Can we get a few more hunter nerfs next week too?


I could beat you on any of my 6 25s it doesn’t need to be hunter. Guaranteed

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Where are the paladin fixes regarding wild strikes interaction? Any love for paladins?

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Don’t like this part. I feel like this is simply to just punish the Wind Serpent players (I use an owl lol) but yeah.

Okay with this simply because phase 2 grants 20% focus regen.


So BM hunters just had another massive nerf over pets being too strong with NOTHING (yet again) to increase non-pet damage? How can Blizzard be like this?


And live?.. really?

Lol that matters how? I dont get upset about nerfs that are obviously needed, Mald more and sit behind the thunderhawk you so desperately need bet you BM in retail too

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Why are Beast Mastery hunters being nerfed when they are 4th on DPS and suck in PvP? Just because of the complaints, even though they are a meme by now?


Who couldn’t of seen this coming with giving mages heals? XD


Can you nerf homunculus too so I can swap off this garbage class that does no damage and is now going to do no healing? or maybe a chest rune that is actually good for healing instead of the 2 terrible ones we have right now?


I don’t use serpent I use a cat full time. But cope kid. You are nothing, you’ll never be anything, you are a non factor.


Nice nerf. With pet scaling there’s no way that 15% bonus damage to chimera shot will make it used cause its on the same slot as Beast Mastery.

Everyone will still use BM, so it’s just a nerf to the class again.

Chimera shot would have to be like 175% damage for it to be used. Nobody will use Explosive Shot with only 25% extra scaling to it either.


How about reverting explosive shot to how it used to work, and just tone down the damage