Season of Discovery Class Tuning - January 11

not bad!- the bm nerfs dont hurt as much with all the qol included with the mm changes. nice!

Its because of PvP and people crying about an AI killing them lol.


this is a nerf though?

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Melee Hunter is just a BM Hunter weaving in Flanking strike, they are not survival. And MM isn’t a thing so no it’s just one spec and it’s 5th currently.

all of those specs are going to perform MUCH better next phase, they are locked behind capstone talents and spells they dont unlock yet.

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You guys are literally the worst developers in existence. How do you constantly justify nerfing hunter and have left thinks like starsurge be no mana cost and 300+ damage every 6 seconds and priests being able to heal to full with a single penance


Eh, it’s a power adjustment at best.

Thank god! Finally… 20% isnt even enough priests will still wastly out perform other healers and be broken in WSG. But this is a good first step.


Glad I already leveled a warrior and got them to revered so they’ll be in relevant blue gear all the way to 60.

Still want to see BfAsh give rep to exalted


wcl at 99 percentile which is all that matters for ppl who know how to press basic buttons, hunters are performing in the top 4. this is the absolute best metric we currently have to measure anything.


now im not opposed to improving hunters to feel better to play or have better options, but making these changes while leaving so many other specs in the gutter the entire phase just seems like straight non-sense to me.


Friendship ended with Hunters. Now Rogue is my best friend.


btw those complaining about hunter nerfs (and ya they buffed too) think of it this way.

what if warlocks had a dot (that could be dispeled for arguments sake) that sometimes crit for 200+ damage they could place on you and still be free to fear you or nuke you with their other skills.

thats what windserpents were doing and it was broken.

i suck at pvp and i was able to hide in the trees by the jump down to bfd and eyes of the beast and kill any mages as they passed to jump down with ease.

btw you can still do this (people trying to logout skip to the entrance are prime people to kill btw).

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Needs to be tripled now that beast mastery has been removed. You guys are incompetent.


What do you constitute as a MM Hunter? Because a MM Hunter wouldn’t be using a BM Rune at all or any BM Talents.

i dont particularly think the specs matter currently at level 25 when there is very few differences because of only having a few talents to choose that even make sense. try not to focus on the irrelevant aspect of a post to make a “side argument”.

Nerfs when appropriate are fine, just need to offset it with something. Glad they are pushing power back into the hunter abilities instead of just nerfing pets.

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You literally said both hunter “specs”…so yes obviously spec matters to you. What I told you though was both are BM Hunters…both “specs” you tried to point out are using the same RUNES, same TALENTS…just one melee weaves and one doesn’t. Do you know why one melee weaves and one doesnt? It’s based on what melee wep the Hunter is using. That’s all.


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beast mastery rune should have been nerfed harder