Season of Discovery Class Tuning Incoming - February 20

Ok, Crazy idea here but hear me out…

Ok, now I know this is controversial but instead of nerfing classes…

Why not buff everyone else to be competitive with the current highest hitting spec? I mean, its what FFXIV did when Reaper outclassed everyone else…and everyone loved it.

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holy shock cooldown and mana cost reduced, cleanse learnable at level 40, dropped from level 42 ??? :^)

I think its because PVP is a thing and also everybody being as strong as melee hunter would just mean gnomer and all other content would be thrown in the garbage cause if everybody could do 600 dps the raid wouldnt have mechanics.

Spriest nerfs???

Can’t imagine why that was.

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And still no stable size increase for hunters, deadset yous could have just added a simple quest to stable pets in different locations across the world to increase the stable size to say 5-8 very basic qol . To hard though I guess just tame and abandon. I’m not into animal cruelty please give a home for my pets…


What about BM and range hunter buffs? Where are those???


they are falling in line already, just gonna get lower with more gear. Bro you are mage, you are gonna be top in no time.

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90% damage resistance through stuns is okay in your book? Sure lets put emerald communion on shamans next. I’m waiting.

I’m suddenly invested in this.

Buff Ranged Hunter!

  1. There is no indication that is true. That said, I doubt Bliz will let them be 30% ahead of #2 on the chart.
  1. I play Holy paladin. This mage is from Era. I dont really have a dog in the DPS fight, and I see good parity between the different DPS specs, EXCEPT melee Hunter lol - surging ahead of others.

Has the damage been increased as well or is this literally just a dps loss?

Do you really think they just added 4 seconds without two additional ticks?

Can we stop with the whole “if enchanted with flametongue” buffs, as it is lavalash does about 20-25ish%(maybe even more tbh) less damage with flametongue on vs wf and rockbiter, not to mention you get about 1600 mana back from sham rage with 1 RB vs 700 without.

If you’re going to ship flametongue so hard buff it so its not a meme, do something about our mana outside of sham rage. (Imo should wait until you give us spellhance rune to ship FT tbh)

Also for the love of god make weapon enhances last longer then 5m and easier to swap between ie click 1 enhance mh click 2nd enhance offhand no matter wat. So i can change my offhand enhance without having to remove my mh. ( or just make a few seperate buttons to specifically enhance your offhand so you dont have to waste time / mana)

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Would that surprise you? We arent priests after all.

Look at the lazy Bear change. Now lacerate is usable with berserk. I mean sure? But why not actually let bear have both lacerate and mangle so they can actually do something interactive?

Hunters scaling is the worst of all dps, they peaked already, was the same p1 everyone complained at the beginning, then we ended up towards the bottom at end of phase. every indication there.

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Obviously they added additional ticks that’s what the note literally says. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t just lower the damage per tick, aka just made it less dps.

I just compared the damage from before versus after the change, I saw no reduction in tick damage.

Hunters were never at the bottom. Hunters did take some hits but not due to scaling but due to nerfs.

Melee Hunter attacks are based on AP and weapon damage which means they will scale just fine.

The changes aren’t live yet my dude. This is planned for 20th.