Season of Discovery Class Tuning Incoming - February 20

Thanks for helping my vending machine process water faster :smiley:

Trash - you nerf the heck out of Boomies - have you seen the logs---- 4 DPS specs are litterally 200-300 more thne us in raids… the 14% increase on starfire isnt going to even come close still to where the others are…
SWD hits me for mroe then starsurge… with their dots in 6 sec by the time my starsurge is up again im at 50% health and one SWD away from death which is how it happens.

Yall suck

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My favorite part about this change is that every single person claiming Balance was buffed and not nerfed was wrong.

My least favorite part of this change is the PVE rotation is still very bad.

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my druid is already 25 with a bunch of BFD gear so itll be fine lol

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yum yum mage water

lol dont forget hunters… Hunters have 2 abilities and are 50% of the top overall damage in the raid…

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Sounds like a skill issue lol

Thats all hunters have … they have nothing else and were nerfed 70 times last phase maybe leave them alone and ask for buffs to your current class

Hunters should be able to play any playstyle they want and have it be viable but sadly thats not the case :frowning:
I don’t play hunter I just know they have legit concerns.

Haha true, very fortuitous.

No buff to Sacred Shield? Pathetic damage could be absorbed.

I don’t think it will be enough. The problem here is that Rockbiter just adds so much more universal benefit than Flametongue, because attack power affects multiple abilities and all white hits. Rockbiter on the offhand already adds close to 50% damage to the offhand which increases lava lash by close to 50%, but it also affects ALL other melee abilities and attacks made with EITHER hand.

So it’s either:

  1. Use Flametongue to buff only lava lash
  2. Use Rockbiter to buff everything, including stormstrike, lava lash, and attacks with both hands

In order for the Lava Lash + Flametongue relationship to actually matter and be competitive, it needs to either be a huge damage increase to Lava Lash, like double or triple damage, or have some other beneficial effect besides just increased Lava Lash damage.

Each Rockbiter imbue in effect is basically like adding 200 strength. Would you rather have 200 strength, or just have Lava Lash alone hit a little bit harder?

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Only 1 in the top 10. Regardless they’re not at the top alone. But yes, blizz is trying to peddle the melee hunter, but all they’ve done is buff and modify raptor and give us flanking. Mongoose & traps are trash and could have been better utilised. Most of what makes melee hunter work is wingclip fishing for wildstrikes.

Ranged hunter is near the bottom of the pack. It’s actually pretty crap for those that levelled a hunter to play what traditionally was a hunter. The melee performance will shadow ranged so blizz won’t give a crap about fixing ranged.


how did rogue make it into the same argument as hunter and spriest. have you even looked at logs? Mage and lock way ahead. I don’t think they need to change that much just chill. hunters are the outlier but even then idk how that scales with gear.

Rogue dmg would likely be fixed by the flat 30% dmg nerf in PvP they need to apply.

I would agree that hunter and Spriest are broken on a different level.

Please fix bugged earth shield rune next.

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alright, let me know what was wrong

Very nice.

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Or maybe they are trying to push a more healthy pvp state without nerfing balance in pve?

They took it from fourth to tenth overnight.

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And they are not done with balance.