Season 4 Mage Trinkets

I think of few things more than trinkets…as you know.

Looking at what is on Wowhead right now for S4 I could not be happier. 2 trinkets near the top of the list (rated A+ at the moment) that are gasp PASSIVE!!! triggering on casting spells!!!, and both found in Dungeons! And Not just Dungeons, but the SAME DUNGEON, so I have to run exactly one dungeon 100 times and not mess with the other crap until I feel like it! Someone pinch me. This is just too good news for me.

I was never a fan of Irideus Fragment because of the long cooldown and not being useful for every burst, which ended up driving me to other undesirable behaviors. And if the combo of the other two just below it works just as well, I’m in! Anytime I can ignore my trinkets/talents/anything and get good benefit, I am happy for it.

The 2 I’m looking at are:
[Umbrelskul’s Fractured Heart] and [Tome of Unstable Power]

Any other cool trinkets/interactions I’m missing? What are you looking to pick up?


As frosty im quite happy bout 1. raid trinket = Icon and 2. Fractured Heart /Ragefeather or this Tome of unstable Power but last one is reading strange.
So i have to farm 2 dungeons for trinkets. But i guess thats ok^^

Edit: it seems they changed some trinkets? I thought atleast one of them was a use trinket…hm.
I will not play with stupid Belorblabla or Nymues…happy Frosty.

Now give me back our pet and i would be rly happy :smiley:


And there it is: the plug for the pet which has nothing to do with the actual topic at hand.


Even so, he did give answer to the trinket question at hand, so it wasn’t completely off topic.


I used irideus for a long time. Was great for frost burst/cooldown phase, but quickly got replaced by pretty much anything with passive Int. The cooldown is too long. I hope it’s not our only option for an int buff trinket.

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Should be interesting combo for trinkets for sure. Branch was good but also at times was annoying when you still had 12 seconds left on trinket when you had zero downtime between burst phases so even with branch you still had timing issues. At least with a 3 minute cooldown you know it’ll be every second surge regardless. I was thinking fragment and pips. I never played pips before so it’ll be new to me still

LOL, it gives me Umbrelskul’s Fractured Heart on the very first run of the season! What!??!?!?
Then the fated world drop gave me a shark tooth at 490 something, so gonna run that until I have to replace it.

Crazy. Also, we destroyed +2, so curious if the “new” Mythic scale is a little off. Granted all the dungeons are somewhat familiar, so that helps.

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imma gonna be running Vault for awhile im betting ha


i just did a 2 in vault very easy for us, i did get a nice ring!


Ran a +5 bracken on my mage. We two chested with me and a warlock doing 300 mil and the hunter not far below us.

Honestly wasn’t that bad but was a noticeable step up from +4

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Ok, so ran AV until I have both trinkets I mentioned and they are both awesome! The only trouble now is I don’t have a sync-up with Arcane Surge…and it’s Tyranical week ugh, so I think I need to cave and get Iridieous Fragment anyway, for the ST link up with our burst. Kind of sucks, but I REALLY like both these trinkets. And if you’re into visuals, the Tome of Unstable Power is very cool to “see” and sometimes even procs on top of itself, so looks like you have a small arcane army. I would rate Tome higher than Heart as in contributed to more damage overall.

I got a heroic version of the fractured heart and its pretty decent.

I figured it would proc a couple times a run since it says “your spells have a very low chance” but it actually procs quite a bit.

Did a couple +7s and in keys where there were lots of mobs (AA, uld) the chance on hit effect was almost 5% of my overall damage.


Did they increase trinket drop rates?

I got the fractured heart during my first run.

I farmed HoI 7 times. I saw the trinket drop twice for other players, and on ky 7th run it dropped for me.

Dont know if im very lucky, but i got my two bis trinkets in 8 runs…

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Same. Got the heart on my very first run and it does a ton of damage. Regularly 5-6% of my dungeon total because of the DoT spread. It won’t be as good on bosses and single target though.

Also got a trinket from the timewalking bag. It’s still anecdotal but I sure hope they bumped the trinket drop rates because it’s been a major pain point for me. All expansion long I have not gotten a single weapon with an on-use effect or a trinket from the Great Vault. Not even ONCE! I better be swimming in trinkets next week, lol.

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Crazy, heart also dropped my first run…weirdly coincidental.

I got a 480 Breath of the Plains (+intellect with a proc chance for Haste and 5% movement speed increase) last night from fighting Liskanoth. I love haste procs.

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I always loved some of the trinkets from quests or world bosses and wished they would let us upgrade them to max mythic level sometimes.

I decided to run Heart and Tome today and I really liked it. One minor thing the damage meters don’t capture is the “death at 5% health” the heart proc gives, which in fort week keys can be a pretty big chunk of health, which then spreads to other targets who also die, so when it cascades around a pack of low health it makes an incredible difference (and you don’t get credit for it on the damage meters).

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Anyone else finding the “bis” trinket lists to be absolute nonsense? I haven’t gotten the passive stat boost trinkets like Whispering Icon or OCE yet, but, I can’t imagine those are going to be on par with Tome or Ragefeather which combined typically account for 10-15% of my damage in both single target and aoe encounters. Still farming for Umbreskul. 32 kills according to dbm.

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I definitely take them as a solid starting point. But I’m always looking for which is most fun and complimentary to me/my playstyle. If you’re getting good results from ragefeather, do it! I always liked ragefeather and may have to hunt that one.

Every season I end up getting like every possible trinket and try out various combos. In general, the BiS lists prove reliable, but right now the list I’m looking at has about 5 trinkets all rated “A” so mix and match is working well. I’ve been running Tome + Heart this week and together is an awesome combo! They tend to help trigger each other. I’d love to swap in and out ragefeather and see how that plays with them.

Iridius Fragment is rated on top right now and in ST with all cooldowns up I can’t argue with that, but it affects how I play the rest of the time, and I end up with much fewer surge cycles on a run because I hold out for it, which drops me down more than it benefits me, so I’m happy to let it sit in my bag (unless I do raid, then I’ll put it on).

I had horrible luck with trinkets last season, used the heroic version of irideus for a loooong time. Was amazing for burst, but felt like pretty much any passive Int trinket surpassed it just due to ilvl difference. But with having a potential max level irideus? Can only imagine. I mean, 3 million damage Ray of Frost seems possible. Def going to try it out.

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