Season 4 illusion - Eternal Flux

Thoughts on new illusion?

Use this link to see in the PTR

/outfit v1 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,39153,-1,6378,0,0 (Pigsticker Polarm)


Is it on wowhead?

Kind of subtle.

Illusions kind of peaked with the first one.


I’m a sucker for gold. Other than that it’s not very impressive.

SUBTLE??? Jesus you can’t see it at all. These illusion they’ve been doing in Shadowlands are HORRENDOUS


As far as I am aware no, except in the dressing room.

Dang, that’s pretty disappointing /: the illusions and rewards from pvp in general just haven’t felt prestigious or special at all they’re all just so boring. Was hoping to have something cool for the last season of this xpac


Literally every reward from s4 is trash tier lol


You’d think they’d have more freedom with increased system requirements.

I’m a little disappointed that they don’t seem to be doing new gear, and aren’t recoloring the mount like they did with the keystone master elemental (that also just have a vfx bugfix).

Yeah really not seeing any reason in playing season 4


Beast slayer out this enchant to shame

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The new one is bad. What the hell.

That’s got less pixel density than Dreadflame on a new weapon.


I’ve just been leveling alts. Since I got unbanned.
Probably go with the pve route for season 4. Get ksm and get toons ready for DF.

I actually don’t mind this that much if you like things that aren’t as “out there”.

It’s very tame and chilled, also looks like it isn’t bugged like the current one.

I like it , I don’t need some peacock style mog on my weapon I like subtle and that gold goes well with quite a few mogs

What the actual F, they knew people liked the first datamined enchant and they went ahead and completely ruined it.

And then they wonder why they lose customers, /facepalm.

No – I found that glow effect to be obnoxious.

This is really good. I look forward to using this one.

Yeah, that’s the idea. I want to look like Darth Vader from a zone away.


I really liked the datamined one. I made a post about that as well and generally it seemed to be liked. Really hope they add more glow to this and future illusions/enchants.

Well, considering they have made last hour changes to things like glad mounts based on player feedback, maybe the same thing could happen here.

For once and after years of waiting for a gold enchant that ins’t a dissapointment the datamined one looked really promising.