Season 4 Gladiator Mount

The people demand updated gladiator wing vfx to better suit the color scheme of the body/armor.

It’s because the shade in a probably coded the same as fire which doesn’t cast a shadow

Yeah, probably.

Another super nitpicky thing is that the drake hovers in its idle position after takeoff for a few seconds longer than it should, although they did tweak this at some point because it used to be REALLY long for some reason.

What was wrong and got fixed with on the ksm mount? The red one I got seems pretty awesome. Probably best and most stand out don’t on a mount yet imo

People just thought that the blue one (for s4) looked too similar to the green one from s2.

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Aww gotcha, thanks.
Yeah I’m loving the red one. I’ll get the blue one also but probably use the red one a long time.

Yeah, it’s nice aside from the green particles that somehow got left in. I also think that it would’ve better suited as a reward for s1 because the red kind of matches prideful.

Lol never noticed the green left in. When I get home I’m going to have to check it out.
Yeah, s1 and s2 were super dull and boring.
Got to settle for ksm since I’ll never get glad. Lol

Yeah, they used the same green vfx (which I think is only meant for s1 one?) for all the elementals.


Bahaha thanks… I want to go back to not knowing it’s there now.

Yeah, my healer buddy noticed it immediately after getting his. I figured that it was one of those little oversight things that might eventually get patched up because, well, it is kind of unsightly, and on a super popular mount.

I would actually be really motivated to get this if they did that amazing white recolor. That actually looks prestigious and special, idk all the other ones have really drab colors imo

I’d say at least make the armor a more brilliant gold like the new KSM mount is. Our mount just has poop brown saddles.

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Raise your hand if you’re surprised so that we can all point and laugh at you

blizz should just give everyone with the sinful tabard the “right” one so we can have 2


It’s funny how they post the KSM mount but completely ignore the glad one, I wonder if it’ll be the same colors as the KSM.

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Wasn’t the drake for the current season supposed to be the Green dull one? They changed it to Red after people complained.

Green is probably the least dull, though.

Also yes.

It’s better than the Brown one, but I like Red>Green.

There needs to be more casual purple enjoyers at Blizzard. :smiley: