Season 4 "Fated" Survival adjustments for M+

Please adjust Survival Hunter’s talents or abilities to compensate for the weak Single Target focused tier set the community picked.

Rename the “Ranger” talent and add Butchery to the 40% dmg increase
Just buff Fury of the Eagle and Bomb damage

A currently really happy Survival Hunter


…Wh-why though? Ranger’s purpose is clear and distinct as is, it’s already taken for all content, and if one really wanted to focus on a low/no-CD AoE build, the last thing they’d want is for Butchery to have to remain pitiful baseline just to keep it in check when buffed by this revised talent or be forced to take something that then obliges Explosive Shot.

Similarly, Fury of the Eagle is already far from weak. It’s got almost 3x the DPS of Bladestorm (839% AP over 4s instead of 441% AP over 6s) despite the latter having double the CD.

Just make Carve a real choice opposite Butchery and buff both it and Butchery slightly if you must. If need be, increase the number of targets before which Explosive Shot’s damage is reduced from 5 to 6 or even 8, and have Hydra’s Bite affect Viper’s Venom and Volatile Bomb (even if only bringing it from 3 to 5 afflictions, rather than 3 to 9).

I hope they do, because I really like this seasons tier set :frowning_face:

yeah the current 4pc would make for a nice talent

Unless a Hero Talent, anything powerful enough to approximate the feel of the tier set would be far too strong to be a talent without empowering virtually all other SV talents and aura nerfing Survival in exchange.

  • Bombardier gives only 1 extra WFB per minute, without being affected by Haste. That’s ~300% more AP per minute to an initial target and ~213% more AP per minute to up to 7 more… minus the value of whatever else you could have filled the GCD with.

  • Our 4-set gives 1 extra WFB per at most 45 seconds, indirectly affected by Haste via KC resets AND is generally worth at least an additional 240% AP in armor-penetrating damage per 45s —averaging perhaps some 50% more over time and easily double again in AoE— from its effect on WFB’s primary target damage. Even before considering further bonuses over competing uses for GCDs, its already granting more than Bombardier’s nominal 300% of AP granted without opportunity cost.

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but they need to tune up the Wildfire Infusion effects. Actually making use of green and blue bomb effects should be a priority not an after thought, it would add some depth past bomb spam, and help detract from the issue that is reapplying a same color bomb dot before the previous one fades, wasting that damage.
Buff Green Bomb’s extra dmg on Serpent Sting targets to do more than it currently does, and more than anything buff Blue Bomb’s applied bleed to reward the effort to get 3 stacks on priority targets.

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I’d kind of have to argue that they’re already valuable, though they could be more so.

3 stacks of Shrapnel Bomb’s bleed is equivalent to WFB’s pre-buffed direct damage, without target cap (57% AP to each target / 57n% AP). That bleed should probably scale, however, with all WFB upgrades, which I don’t think it does. (I will check later.)

Volatile Bomb spreads 3 Serpent Stings, each worth 202% AP with Ranger, or 222% AP with a rank of Serrated Shots as well, as typically taken to M+, for a total of up to 666% AP.

That said, if you wanted them to feel more palpable, rather than merely strong (though that’s solely in mass AoE for Blue Bomb), you could…

  • Have Hydra’s Bite increase the number of Serpent Stings fired by Hydra’s Bite from 3 to 5.
    • (Though, doing so would basically oblige Viper’s Venom also being affected in this way, which would slightly deemphasize this in AoE situations long enough to include ST filler or focus damage.)
  • Buff Butchery slightly (e.g., from 97% to 110% of AP) and change Shrapnel Bomb from ~19% AP per follow-up stack via Bleeds to directly buffing further physical damage against the target by halving the enemy’s Armor against your attacks (worth 27.4% per base Raptor Strike, 16.5% per base Butchery, and affecting 1-2 more attacks; no longer basically unaffected by Haste).
    • (That said, this will means its value is reduced in mass AoE… not that the different of Shrapnel Bomb is going to somehow make SV salvageable if uncapped [20-capped] AoE is needed.)
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