Season 4 Fated Raid Schedule

How do you tag in the raid? Is there an NPC somewhere?

It will compound the drop off in raiders even worse though. Sepulchur is the hardest raid tier ever, and making it more mechanically complex is not helping. Is it going to bring ppl back to raiding? No way. Just the opposite.

Obviously Shadowlands had its myriad of issues seeing players stop playing though, I agree.


It’s just a fomo event. Capable mythic guilds are already lining up buyers for the ports and mounts.

Will Mythic be available from the start of Season 4 or will it only open on the next reset of a particular Fated raid. For example: August 2nd is Castle Nathria Fated. Does this mean we can do ANY difficulty Fated Nathria or will it work like previous seasons where Mythic would be locked until the 2nd appearance of Fated Castle Nathria?

I mean… you can get the mount by downing all bosses on Fated LFR… so…

I assume you are speaking of the slime kitty.

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“And so on until the rotation is removed and all raids are Fated later in the season.”

Why do you guys keep doing this? Just let us do what we want from the start.


Look at the wowhead link I posted. There is more to the fated affix than the cat as a reward.

Meh title and teleports, all I care about is the adorable kitty <3

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For others though, the more FoS you got vs others the better you are.

I do have to wonder if the teleports are account-wide since the feat itself is account-wide progress. Unlike CMs or how SL season 2/3/4 ksm/ksh operate.

  • And so on until the rotation is removed and all raids are Fated later in the season.

While a raid is Fated, it will only be available in Fated difficulty

I don’t like the sound of that. I plan on taking my guild through Mythic Sylvanas every week when Sanctum is not Fated, just for the reduced stress of us already overgearing regular Mythic, to get everyone their mounts in S4 (pretty sure I won’t be the only one thinking of doing that). The wording on this seems like we’re going to be literally forced into Fated when we just want to go in for tmog/mounts/pets.

Give us an option to change the difficulty to Fated like we have the option to change it to Normal/Heroic/Mythic.


That last sentence is incredibly frustrating for collectors. Please don’t force fated raids and allow people to choose so they can continue farming achievements, mogs, pets, and mounts if they want to. :confused:


Idk why the teleports aren’t account-wide, still have an 8h cooldown (that’s shared iirc), and are locked behind mythic.

I could be mistaken, but aren’t these for pet/mount/mog farmers? Most of them don’t raid mythic.

To squeeze that 15$ out of us.

Couple of questions:

  • Will our existing skips work? We’ve got the skips for all 3 tiers and knowing whether we can go straight into Sludgefist after Shriekwing week 1 matters for where we focus our prep.

  • Will Mythic 0 (not M+) items still be upgradeable with Valor? They currently are, and a few of our raiders have been discussing farming Valor to upgrade IQD etc.

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this needs to change. why are we forced to do old raid progression in the last patch?
I can get behind the fated affix and the rotating raid, but at least let us farm the mounts like previous expansions.

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Boostins: Guessing and knows it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yet again we play it the way we are allowed to. /sheesh, you guys will never get it.


What about when all raids are fated?

Will guilds still be able to go back to finish getting the Mythic mounts for their raid team? Or are they just SOL at that point?


Don’t remove the rotation and keep the Slime Saber reward for new and returning players, Stop removing content from the game.

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Holy cow don’t use the word “difficulty” if a Fated raid is still available on multiple actual “difficulties” how horribly confusing can you get!!


Can you please not limit (anymore than you have to) the amount of time guilds have to get their rostered players the CE mounts?

You already cut Sepulcher short as it is.

I don’t understand the need of the fated system having to replace all difficulties of a raid. Just make it a secondary option on top of difficulty. This way players can still access the regular versions of the raids while that raid is “fated” on a given week.