Season 3 Issue

While we’re at it, let’s do comparisons:
Skull bash vs pet silence; okay, skull bash has a shorter CD, but is a shorter range and a shorter lockout. Also can’t be used while CCd. I’d take pet CS any day.

Bash vs shadowfury:
Same CD, longer stun, but not aoe. Requires melee, but not a cast time:
Seems like a wash there.

Roar vs coil:
30s vs 45 melee range vs 20 yds
Roar breaks on damage (including your dots and all of the aoe abilitys, so every button except two) and coil never breaks AND heals you and can be havocd?
I think coil is way better.

Now warlock still has a conflag root that doesn’t break on damage, an infernal I stand aoe stun, and a SPAMMABLE fear that still doesn’t instabreak on damage?
Let’s also not ignore that warlock has the best and most dangerous burst in the game bar none in infernal

Both classes have insane tankiness and self healing. Soul leech will always get full value as a destro lock (before we take mastery into account, or healthstones or gateway mobility) because you cannot ever kick fire or freely dispell immolate because of ALL the other CC they have.

And what does warlock “sacrifice” for this?

Again, I’m not coming at you. I’m just trying to understand how you think it’s not okay for guardian to do the things it does, but it is okay for warlocks?

Here’s the difference, I can’t stand on top of my team mates and they all take 20% less damage passively.

Also warlock damage is casted and can be interrupted or lined. Also, my healer has to spend much more mana while melee are hitting me and has to get drinks to win. Also, benefit of not being susceptible to poly DR’s.

I’m not saying destro isn’t as broken as fire mage, dh, rogue or DK but the competency level of all of those class is far beyond guardian druid players. Just watching them move around is painful and as long as they’re on top of their healer, positioning does not matter.

LMAO that’s what im getting at tho. Both classes make the game unfun- they force deep dampening and prevent people from playing their classes. They both need big nerfs. I’ve said that consistently throughout the thread. I said I’d get rid of sac aura 100% for bears.

Controversial opinion but I dont think guardian druids should be nerfed (other classes toolkits need to be increased to guardian druid standards), they are good because they have a huge toolkit, something that is missing on other classes, the off healing is insane but they get 4 off healing buttons, stuff to help your allies with dmg mitigation, they feel impactful to play.

Just increase the toolkit on other classes and keep the guardian druids in check. As long as their dmg is not bonkers keeping a huge toolkit is good for the game, lets players have a wider skill gap. I would say warlocks need to be a little bit less tanky and get port back, x2 coil is a little bit dumb but they could have for example wotlk shadowflame to kite more idk. Add changes like this to every class and you have a better game.

EDIT: Another example, warriors should have reflect baseline, disarm, warbanner. Priests should have swap baseline, instant void eruption baseline. Cyclone should be baseline, meaningful pvp talents could be a nature swiftness one that makes a cast instant every 30 or some stuff like that or give clone some extra range. Make grounding and skyfury baseline. Like this for every class.

Sure, sac is broken and should be removed 100% I agree!
and sure, warlock damage Can be interrupted, but you also have four schools to work with. and almost all the damage comes from a fire school you can’t interrupt (because then free bolts and cc) which also maxes out soulleech healing.

With that, you HAVE to run/line infernal or you die. No tanking that and with soulleech, your healer can freely run and drink. It’s not like you can reliably chase or stop a healer because the warlock will cc or kill you while you try.

But yeah I agree, Destro/firemage/rogue/DK/DH/Guardian all need nerfs.

If you removed PotP guardian druid would never see the light of day in arena. It would be hot garbage.

I think sac aura still needs to be removed. 50% of guardian druid damage is from brambles because all the damage they absorb with sac gets further reduced by brambles AND redirected to the original source which is pretty silly. If you take that away, you make their healing more reasonable and damage significantly less than a real DPS classes, which I think is more fair. Also allows them to be crowd controlled.

I mean it’d still have some relevance vs rogue mage because it still buffs 15% hp, has stops for mage, and can’t be Poly’d and can offheal gos (and isnt a viable kill target).
And that’s fine, because it shouldnt be good into everything.

Still waiting on you to weigh in if you think destro is OP and needs nerfs or not, though.

Why you guys are talking about bears.

Bug still isn’t fixed.

i thought they were going to do a restart this morning. wonder why they have not

No it wouldn’t

That’s not a comment about whether destro is op or not…

/10 chars

I mean you already stated it.

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yikes. Idk man, if you dont think destro is broken then I guess I don’t have anything else to say. I’ve made a million points why and you just didn’t address any of them. XD
That sounds like denial to me.

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Still not being offered a chance to cap conquest. Needs fixed.


Is a gap closer, can’t be lined if the cast is on you, has a shorter CD, doesn’t bug out.


These aren’t even comparable… Also coil can be dispelled. Also takes two GCDs to get out a double coil and can be dispelled.

Mobility, seeing as it has none.

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I can confirm that the fix was successfully deployed, and the Season has resumed.

Thank you very much!