Season 3 Artifact Knowledge

As kindly as I can say, Please for next expansion do not make this kind of system again which consists of grinding Artifact/Azerite -

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what is artefact knowledge? i’ve only just started to figure out azerite, please don’t tell me there’s YET ANOTHER complicated mess i need to wrap my head around…

Thank you for the thorough and comprehensive answer, Kaivax. :+1:

AK is a weekly reduction, every Tuesday, of the amount of artifact power needed to gain levels. For instance, right now to hit 66 on my neck would require 142.8k AP. Tomorrow with the reduction, getting to 66 will require 109.8k AP.


thank you for actually answerin:)

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Alts are unplayable in 8.2 ? Really ? I spend a 1-2 hours each and every day playing my alts. On average probably about 6 or them at least every day.

Anyway, it is good news AK will keep on increasing. Will make getting to lvl 65 extremely easy in a month or so on all my alts.

They are unplayable for the average player. I’m lucky to get an hour of playtime each day. Unfortunately not everyone can put in 6-12 hours a day on WoW.


10 to 12 hours a day is not feasible for most players lol


How you do get 1-2 hours each day and arrive at 12 hours…

I am talking in total not each and yes 1-2 hours a day is most feasible for most players.

Curious but how do you keep up on essences for your 6 alts if you’re only playing them collectively for 1-2 hours a day? That’s 10-20min each.

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1 hour each day and only focus the ones you need. like all Naj then all mechagon. and Do M+ on the 7th day and in just 3-8 weeks you should be all caught up…

I just do the main mechagon quest - and I usually do that in a slower time.

And just the follower, if necessary, plus the puzzles and maybe the pet quest in Nazjatar. And of course the waveblade emissary when it is up.

Plus now I have exalted reps on a number of those and have the followers as well, I can skip areas and work on islands.

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You know I didn’t mean “literally” unplayable right?


Good luck on keeping up on any relevant content with an alt. Getting essences on one character is a big enough pain in the butt. If you are content with playing half a character then yes, you can play your “alts” but you aren’t even playing the same game at that point.

You know two good trinkets will make more difference than most essences do and I have yet to see people complaining they can’t play their alts because they don’t have ‘x’ trinket.

This isn’t true.

The charts on bloodmallet for both say differently - at least for the classes I have looked at.

LMFAO :rofl::rofl:

And this folks is why I’ve said repeatedly not to grind AP. We grinded in Legion only to have all these catch-up mechanics put in, and I learned my lesson. Haven’t done anything beyond an AP emissary here and there (no island expeditions at all - yuk) and I’m doing just fine.

For all of you upset about this, please remember: if they institute another one of these stupid leveling items with a power connected to it, do not grind it out. Just play the game normally and they will add catch-up mechanics like this later.

I actually don’t think they will. I remember in something Ion said, they’re less interested in these “expansion-only” systems and will probably go back to more permanent type content. So thankfully it looks like they learned their lesson. It’s not a good feeling when we just throw our artifact piece in the trash can after two years of working on it, with a 15 second cutscene. lol. Eventually people realize the whole thing was pointless. That’s partly why Classic appeals to so many people, what you achieve there doesn’t get wiped away (unless they move it on to TBC of course but that’s another topic).