Season 1 Arena and RBG Title - Final Cutoffs


They probably don’t have the proper resources to do the complex math >.< lol


That’s a tilter xd can’t count spots lel google a few days it says 1-5 days


It’s been a few days. ETA on the next update? Will it be this week or are we gonna have to wait until next Tuesday?


Kind of disappointed that they only released one cutoff. Maybe the pvp team is extremely busy. lol


bah just let it be , just be greatful if you do get a r1 title


guess this isnt happening omegalul


They must be really busy or something. I betcha something like this takes a lot of man power at blizzard and with the lack of players, they just don’t have that man power. LOL

(Jasey) #89

hey, its really hard to settle 1 title bro… way too much people for them to handle

(Sensus) #90

Titles are out.

(Saucerboy) #91

@Akkiira status?

(Akkiira) #92

Got it! :smiley:

(Pizzalicious) #93

So if you got a r1 title is it best to go to durotar or Gates of stormwind with yourself targeted? Is this the cool thing to do?


dread gladiator maxdabtko legendary


The final rating cutoffs have now been posted.

  • Dread Gladiator – Horde: 3017
  • Dread Gladiator – Alliance: 2904
  • Hero of the Horde: 2681
  • Hero of the Alliance: 2588

Congrats to those who battled through and earned the rewards. Good luck in Season 2!

(Deception) #96

How is that even possible.

How is r1 so low, what an actual joke. I could’ve literally sat for like 3 months instead of 1. zzz


r1 start of legion was 2700. big jokes !

(Saucerboy) #98

They did top 0.1% of each faction, that’s how :open_mouth:

Dread Glad is meaningless due to deflation sitters anyways. I just got mine so ego boosted rating sitters can’t tell me nuttin lol. Stoked for Maledict Gladiator tho!

(Talbyy) #99

I know right, what a meme, I could have not played until the last week of the season.

(Sako) #100

A week before 8.1 came out in December my team qued and tanked from 3131 to 3017. What a calculated tank :slight_smile:

(Scabber) #101

warmode off, elixir of tongues for crossfaction comms, then head to durotar