Season 1 Arena and RBG Title - Final Cutoffs

With Battle for Azeroth Season 1 all wrapped, here are the rating cutoffs for the various areas that award the titles which are now rewarded. We have gone through the final days of play and potential disqualifications and these are now final.

  • Dread Gladiator – Horde: 3017
  • Dread Gladiator – Alliance: 2904
  • Hero of the Horde: 2681
  • Hero of the Alliance: 2588

Have ya’ll announced when the season officially ends yet?

the 22nd, so this coming up tuesday.


Hey thanks for posting this! I’m not anywhere close to any of these cutoffs, but I know it’s been a huge source of anxiety for a lot of people in the last week or so.

It’s also pretty interesting to see the gap between horde and ally R1. I wonder if this will cause a population shift for next season?

Anyways, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we’re eagerly awaiting the next round of class updates for the new season and hopeful that you’ll change your minds on gear vendors!


Hi borbakk am I safe to sit

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Is it possible to update the ladder too plz?


Not as depressed about tanking out of 3100 now

Why are faction based cutoffs still a thing? R1 is the only end of season reward now…Terrible idea to begin with and now it makes even less sense?

Will this be updated for the next couple days until the end of the season?

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It’s been updated once already

You have got to be kidding me…

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add me back pls

was it too much work to add the cutoffs to the ladder like u did in legion? Blizzard really is slacking.


dont u play w tanks tho

So, when are we going to implement rating decay for basically above 2700, gotta love seeing people just camp rating for literally the entire season never having to play that character again…


Would be nice if the ladder could be updated as well, it seems like it’s been stagnant for almost 2 weeks now.

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8.0 sitters being mad right now

LMFAO should be DQd son, q up.


@bornakk is 150 wins still a requirement to receive title after faction change?

UPDATE NOW! D:< … plz