<Scrub Legion> CE Retail Guild LF Cata Raiders. Weds/Thurs 8-12 EST


Scrub Legion is a retail Cutting Edge guild that is recruiting a few more people for our Heroic 10 Man Cata Group!

We have been raiding on retail for a few expansions, and with Cataclysm Classic on the way, we are expanding our group to classic! Our goal is to full clear heroic raids in a quick and efficient manner, and have fun while doing it.

Raid Times:
Wednesday/Thursday: 9-12 EST

Recruitment Needs:
Currently recruiting any class and spec to round out our 10 man team.

Show up to a majority of raids
Show up knowing the fights
Show up with a good attitude so we can all have fun while killing bosses :slight_smile:

Xelraz_ - Discord