Screen Freezing After Loading Screen in Shrine of Seven Stars

After I enter the world on my timerunner my screen freezes. I get a spinning wheel until I am disconnected and then repeats. This just started happening today. Yesterday I was able to level a timerunner up to 70 and for some reason I just cant play it today. Only happens to this one character logged out in Shrine of Seven Stars. There were no changes to my computer/addons/settings since yesterday.

Im playing on a 2020 MacBook Pro on 13.6.4. Only seems to happen on this timerunning character. No issues with regular retail, SoD, or Cata. Only seeing this on that particular timerunning character.

Any ideas how to move this character so I can play again?

Im having the same issue now

Do you use the CanIMogIt addon? I was reading another thread where a player isolated their game freezes to that addon. My game freezes when I log into remix, also, and I use that addon. It is particularly bad when I am logging into a bazaar. I am able to get past the freeze/beach ball and play normally after a short time though, so I haven’t bothered to disable it yet.

If not, you may want to try disabling all your addons and re-enabling them in batches to see if another addon is incompatible with remix. You can also try the stuck character service to at least get into the game, but you should be able to disable addons without logging in.

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I am getting the same thing on retail after loading screens (summons or instance).
I do not use CanIMogIt.

Studio M2 Ultra

I was able to get past this. Disabled all addons before login and start turning them on one by one. I dont remember which addon caused it but I really dont need much addons for MoP remix