Scorch, what gives?

What is the use of scorch if you do not talent into both Searing Torch & Frenetic Speed?

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A cast that you can use while on the run without needing to waste Phoenix flames or fire blast.


Just a good filler spell? The damage seems so low.

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It’s low, but still damage.


Since when is Scorch an instant cast?


A mistake :sweat_smile:

I meant it to just be a cast to use without wasting the others.


You can cast it while moving, and you can proc heating up with it so you don’t lose out on Pyros due to movement


Don’t really use it. Seems lame.

  1. Use it on combustion if you don’t have PF/FB available
  2. Use it during movement if you don’t have a PF/shimmer to burn. Its so low dmg here you’d usually want to use the global on barrier. And if you’re in meele, use dragon’s breath if its up.

My insta dot Pain does as much dmg.

It should be instant-cast with no cooldown. That would be fun, especially in pvp.

While fun, I think that’ll be too similar to fireblast. I think fire has plenty of instant casts.

Scorch, could instead become quicker to cast with successful casts. Like, 10% per cast, up to 50% with 5 casts.

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Yes, much more reasonable. Not really being serious there.

Imagine Blizzard trying to make multiple viable builds of the same spec when they can’t even make each spec viable. Good thought though, and it did make me feel like Fun may be possible in this game, if they cared at all about the players.

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Can you clarify what you mean here :thinking: