Scammers on this server

Hey guys just wanting to bring to your attention of a scammer called ‘Skippinder’, who scammed me 200g when he lost a death roll. He lost then said he was gonna get the gold from his alt then logged and then a daay later had the balls to send me a mail caliming I scammed him. Im just looking out for my fellow wow players, but please dont talk to this kid.

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Post on your classic toon, not some random 120. If you’re going to call someone out, have the juevos not to do it from behind a mask. Don’t be like Antifa.

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I find this difficult to believe. I’ve known skip for a long while now, he’s one of the most active enchanters on windseeker alliance side. I’ve never seen anyone claiming they’ve been scammed by him. Next time, screen shot your death roll games, offer up some proof before bashing someone. In this case, you could not convince me unless you had irrefutable proof.

This is actually hilarious!! So glad someone told me about this.

You must be the guy with the level 1 alts that deathrolls people for 100g and then logs off when he loses as that’s the character I had the dispute with. Lots of people knew I was deathrolling you just to try and win so that you would log off without paying as you had already done to multiple players including my guildies. I went in knowing I wouldn’t pay you, the same as you went in know you wouldn’t pay me. It was mutual!

And you then mailed me asking for the gold hahaha.

Honestly, one of the most entertaining encounters I’ve had in classic. I forgot all about it until now, but it’s still making me smile!

Thanks for the fun Mattbank & Paulbank & whatever other characters you created to scam people.

Skippinder out.

Deathrolling is the same as Casino and can get you banned.

I am sorry to hear this.
Karma is a B!! Don’t let this take the fun away from your game.

Don’t worry guys. It’s not taking any fun out of the game for me. It’s not nice to see anyone get scammed, but it’s hilarious to see a scammer get scammed!