Scale Up with the New Dracthyr Evoker

A shame all of this work went into a single race that can only be a single class. With a secondary form that can’t be used in combat.

So many weird decisions made with the Dracthyr.


Please allow all races to be the humanoid form, just like the aspects.


I’ll still be pushing for full Transmog-options for the Dracthyr. Otherwise, an optional FULLY Dragon-form would be a nice option.

Also, would love to unlock other race options for Visage. Maybe a quest-chain?


They’re really cool looking. I hope that they eventually figure out mogs for more slots.

:dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated: :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Major let down. You gave us DRAGONS but cold reception why?

Only casters no melee even though wowlore depicts melee.

Slender build not thick like whats already established.

Race is human only? Why

No transmog.

You literally gave us dragons and figured out how to make it bad. Snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory.


Make up playable today !!! hehe

As an alliance player, I don’t want the female human form either. I’d take Nelf or Velf!


These, like heritage armors, are the kind of fun rewards that can be added to “solo” challenging content (assuming it is done intelligently).

Good: Mage tower unlocking cool mogs. Preferably non-fomo next time.
Bad: Requiring a max level toon A to unlock a new race that you then need to level again to unlock the armor on toon B.

Imagine if they add a mage tower challenge for Dracthyr that unlocks the other races as their humanoid visage.


I want access to more visage races. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

Just give everybody else dragon eyes and call it a day.


So… are we getting those Halberds on our Dracthyr?

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Looks dope. Time to give other classes similar abilities like glide. Especially since flying mounts won’t be available.

Hope beyond hope that maybe at some point later in the X-pac they can learn black dragon aspect fighting and it be a tanking spec.


I do think that the Drackthyr Evokers r cool, and they do good damage, my only problem, like everyone is how squishy they r. Struggled to kill an elite in the beta due to how squishy they r. They do need a health buff.


Dear Blizzard, I was hoping maybe to get a response here since we don’t in the Beta Forums.

You constantly keep advertising customisations options that currently are unavailable in beta.

The Red Evoker (1st on the left) and Green Evoker (2nd from the right), each have amazing shoulder customisations that currently are not available to the players.

Are you planning on adding them on release next week? Or possibly a later date?

I say this because they visually look great and you continuously keep promoting this image I’ve linked as if we could make a similar styled look for ourselves which we cannot.

We only have 3 options currently, None, Wings (used by the Blue Evoker) and Spaulders (used by the Black and White Evokers).

Please any information on the missing shoulders you keep promoting would be greatly appreciated.

Im posting here hopefully to be seen and maybe get a response.


You made me think phase 2 had started already. I got very excited for a moment there.

They are if you have beta :dracthyr_shrug:

Still waiting for physical collectors edition - hopefully comes before soon (not tm)

Not sure you guys can claim they use all five flights of dragon magic, when they can only use four, and then contradict yourselves by listing the four flights of magic they CAN use.

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Deep breath, land slide, obsidian scales, oppressing roar
All are black spells.

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Good luck with that. Those shoulder options are never, EVER going to be added and we will probably NEVER get any kind of response regarding the missing shoulder options.

Those missing shoulder options are cutting room floor content that will never see the light of day. Almost every single time they’ve ever shown new customization options there have options they show that just never get added.

Not really sure why this keeps happening. Maybe files get corrupted and lost, or unforeseen unresolvable issues come up, or they simply run out of time and then the files just get lost and forgotten, who knows.