Saying hello

Sitting here, waxing poetic about the old days before I left good ol Thunderhorn back in late Wrath with Carpe Diem, destined for Zul’jin. I’m really happy to see the likes of Twilight Alliance is still around, active even! Who else is still around? My old toon name was Deltrus, I started on Thunderhorn when I first picked up the game in Jan 2008, was in Bloodline a super casual guild and then The Hand, then I think I moved to Family Ties and then Oohaha, Dies Irae, and I think I was in Paralyzed at some point.

I hope folks are well, I hope Bensamr still stands around talking in Trade, I miss all of it. Wish I had kept a list of folks I’d met and befriended before BTag had really taken off. Came back for Dragonflight after being gone since super-early SL. Don’t really see myself leaving Stormrage, but Thunderhorn will always be the server I remember as my home. <3 Come say hi or tell me to shut up for old time’s sake! I know I was quite an annoyance back in the day! (For that, please consider this my apology!)

I know a couple of the older guilds are still left I don’t play anymore but I check in with them on discord occasionally admittedly I thought about it as people keep mentioning how good this xpac is.