S.A.V.I.O.R.--how is it supposed to work?

I assumed it would work like the old Reaves/mass res items, but I used 10 of these in raid last week, and they only ever worked once, and only partially. The previous iteration of these would be droppable before pull, and once everyone was out of combat, would rez everyone. S.A.V.I.O.R. doesn’t work out of combat–it immediately starts rezzing. And I’ve only had a single success during combat, as it seems it needs to be dropped within seconds of a wipe, which is nearly impossible to do.

It’s extremely not worth it, the perfect scenario in which it’s supposed to function:

Your raid is dying, and your engineer begins casting S.A.V.I.O.R. - if you get the cast off, it begins casting a mass rez. If by the time it’s done casting if there are players still alive, they won’t be revived by the bot.

Also for whatever reason, it rezzes everyone at like 10%, and if they don’t move away from it instantly it will explode, killing everyone again.

No clue why they made this item tbh


At least you can tell everyone to wait a few seconds to accept the res. The one time it worked, only one person accepted the res fast enough to get blown up. XD

just get some people to get engi bracers with the brez tinker module in it. might be alot safer then savior

Someone used it in our raid the other day and immediately angered every rogue because it procs Cheat Death, so it’s now banned from raid lol.


Extra combat rezzes are a good idea. And if someone is able to get one off on a healer right before a wipe, then that healer can mass-rez after they’re up.

But SAVIOR is supposed to save that extra hassle. No need to try to get a CR off right before a wipe, which sometimes won’t work; and no need to wait for the healer to get mana and cast the mass-res.

wait seriously ? lol man that needs to be fixed


The explosion after it casts the mass resurrection kills everyone in range of it. Nobody is ever in a hurry to accept a res or move around after accepting it, so it killed the raid all over again with that, proccing all the Cheat Deaths in turn.

The only time in years we’ve had actual raid drama, even if I did get a chuckle out of it.


If that’s what it is doing it sounds like it is broken, I have crafted some but yet needed to use them.

The text itself says it will stand there and wait for combat to end before casting rez so if it’s casting rez in combat as soon as you drop it then it sounds bugged to me.

The cast time for setting it down is the incentive for going for higher quality. The higher the stars of it the faster you drop it. (Again yet to use mine so not sure what the time difference between them is. Id test but that would cost me nearly 30k in mats dropping tier 3’s)

I’ve used it a few times and it is extremely underwhelming or outright annoying. They can keep the fact that it instantly explodes, fine, but what needs to be fixed is the fact that is can only be cast in combat AND disappears after 2 minutes, making it only useful if you are already in the process of wiping and happen to still be alive. Also because it resurrects at low health it triggers a rogue’ Cheat Death, which has to be unintended.

It is stupid and needs to be changed.

Alrighty then. Thanks for the info.

It’s kind of what I would expect of an Engineering item these days to be honest. (Guess I don’t have much faith anymore.)

So it looks like I’ll craft it once, if I ever get it, for the First Craft point and then ignore it forever after.