Save Up to 40% on Dragonflight Through May 15

Save Up to 40% on Dragonflight Through May 15

Enjoy a special discount for an extended time and give the gift of Dragonflight.

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So i just gifted it to some one this morning and now its on sale? any way to get a price match or something?

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I would reach out to customer service. They took care of me for this back in Mists of Pandaria.

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And it goes on sale two days before I was planning to purchase it. Freaking sweet! Thank you Blizzard!

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Oh, 30% off a lot of shop services as well.

They can sometimes help with this if it was recent enough and you submit a ticket, yeah.

Oh man, even the level 60 boost is discounted.

Fix the game and don’t need to offer 40% off.

Right now it’s unplayable for some players who pick the wrong specs to main.

BM hunter and SV hunter bottom of the meters

Oh, gosh darn.

I have no friends to gift this to.

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Considering there’s the sub price on top of that and other stuff you can buy on the shop, and that it costs as much as some complete games per expansion, I believe the 40% off should be permanent as a bare minimum.

Even with class balance fixed I don’t think it justifies the full price tag for each expansion.

I would like to gift Dragonflight to someone.

Know who that is?


But I can’t, because you removed him permanently from everyone’s friends list!

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