Save the Oceanic community

Sequential - Discord channel/Cutting Edge players dedicated to preparing for Classic wow looking for players interested in hitting classic hard we will be forming a Horde Guild on OCE upon release with 80+ members all ready https://

Meh, i think give free transfer to oceanic, let players pick which realm they’d like to move too (i assume most will transfer horde to barth, ally to FM then forcefully transfer the lowest 2-4 realms between the left over servers with free transfer tokens (only within oceanic) and we’d be pretty good.

Of course in my case i’d need them to allow more than one Demon hunter per server as i have one on every oceanic lol.

If Blizz wants to keep WoW alive they need to seriously help the community condense.
If they keep transfers at $30 a pop without any other action theyre cooking their goose that lays golden eggs.

I think it’s fine as it is tbh


I paid to get out of the Frostmourne dumpster fire. You’ll have to drag me back kicking and screaming.


Why do people hate Frostmourne so much?
The only difference I can see is that trade is more active and there are more guilds and people.
I feel like there is a perception that more busy = toxic.

If you have an answer please be specific.

If you have an answer please be specific.

Foul mouths…sorry make that SEWER mouths


I feel like they need to all merge, frostmourne seems quieter and quieter and the other realms, well you might see a few people. I was looking at guild recruitment on frostmourne today and all it was , was just people selling runs. I had to wait until evening to see any guild recruitment posts.

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100% they should merge, they’re only going to have like 1 oceanic server in classic, they’re condensing the player base for the reasons stated above, only reason they dont merge and delete like 80% of the servers in retail is because it’ll look bad for blizzard to have such few servers.


This. So much this. Nag/Cael has a decent population.

If they ever merged Nag/Cael and Frostmourne, I’d go back to GW2.

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shrug go with what life happens.

Akish whats wrong with Khaz’goroth ?

Nothing. Just moved to Dath back in Cataclysm to try and get away from the crowds and then we merged with Khaz so I went to Aman’Thul to try and get away. Personally I just wish they would make either Aman’Thul or Saurfang a RP realm.

I see Nagrand peeps CONSTANTLY XD your server must be super full :stuck_out_tongue:. I’m happy on my Aman’Thul server :slight_smile:.

Frostmourne and Barthilas are so toxic, everyone I’ve had to run with has been so unpleasant to run with :S.


give it a rest you guys

you’re already sharded with all the oceanic realms anyway, there are no “crowds” and how could a crowd bother you anyway in an mmorpg

by transferring to a dead server you are only restricting your guild network, dead chat channels, and buying into a hugely inflated AH, that’s it. gg


You are my hero, lol. Every time I have an altercation with a player in one way or another, they are 100% of the time from frostmourne. Frostmourne (the weapon) saps the souls from people… the realm lives up to its name.

ok so by 2030 we’re going to have 1 oce realm it looks like

Thank goodness Nag/Cael avoided the Frostmourons . feel sorry for teh Dreads and thaurs though

Next I think it will be Saur and Aman with barth and Jubi/Kaz with Nag/Cael.

Nag/Cael are always showing as high and have a decent amount guilds on both horde and alliance but an influx of more wouldnt hurt .

This is a joke right?
Like when people ask for Free transfers from Blizzard, do they think it would actually be a thing?

Please no. Saurfang horde is a somewhat decent community, don’t let us be absorbed by Barth