Save 30% on Select Game Services

Does this mean that server merges are over?

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Aww, no name change sale? Would be nice for those that are gender swapping toons.

well being able to change your covenant in SL is possible so then so should being able to change class!

Given that there is no Name change discount i take it as the service for changing names is being removed from the store?

We’re they 50% in the past? Somehow I thought I remembered race changes always being less than the other service sales. I’m probably wrong.

I think the 50% you’re thinking of is when we’ve done select pets and mounts on sale.

Our January sale also had 30% off.


I just spent like 60 bucks too. Figures

Regarding to sales and stuff like this, As i’ve said before, I would like if they let us choose btween Character Boost or 30day game time for our bonus on purchasing expansion

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Pre-BFA (before allied races), race, appearance, and server transfer sales were always at 50%

Thank you for this, may i humbly request you also give a discount for name changes? since we will be getting in-game gender changes, it would be odd for my newly change male character having a female sounding name and vis versa. I have a lot of character names to change, and a name change discount would help me out a lot. Thank you for considering.


Noice. I was going to buy some race changes last weekend but I decided to wait. Glad I’m a patient guy.

Nice. I was just about to do a race change and server transfer on a character.

Does it include classic transfers or just retail ones?

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Yeeeeeeeeeeees! Very nice!

Please consider doing the same for bundle transfers <3

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Nice!! I have 3 characters I’ve been wanting to transfer.

HAH! I knew I wasn’t losing my mind! :grin:



I stand corrected.

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/Tyrus Blackhorn voice
Thank you, Mortal!

Decisions, decisions.

It’s all good! I’m wrong a lot. Not a big deal. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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