Saurfang and Another Realm?

One of my guilds was talking the other day about the current state and size of Saurfang and it was stated that it was around 3000 active accounts. This lead to the point that Blizz are looking at merging small servers and given that number Saurfang could be next on the hit list.

If this was the case I thought this might be our chance to speak up and MAYBE point Blizz in some direction as to which server we may want to merge with. Of course this could be a complete waste of time and nothing comes of this.
The Oceanic servers that aren’t connected at the moment are
Barthilas, Frostmourne, Saurfang and Aman’thul.

Maybe we get connected another server but that would be a first I THINK?

So the floor is yours Saurfang players, speak up or cross your fingers nothing comes of this.

I’d be down with a Barth merge. I’ve levelled a couple spares on there but wasn’t going to pay to transfer 11 toons across.

your coming to us apparently :slight_smile:

no man, YOU are coming to US.

Saurfang is dead. Escape while you can.