Saturday question~

It’s Saturday! And I’m bored… BUT! Not with the game… Just feeling a little… Under… The weather? I know that’s kind of weird being a shammy 'n all.

Anyway! If you could combined two super hero / super villain’s power into one, from any thing at all! DC, Marvel, Star wars, Star trek (You get the idea) and be that person. Whom would you combined? And why?

Also~ Some of you may wonder…
“Grelkey, why are you wearing cloth armor? You look so silly!”

Well… The reason… Is… I out leveld my mail looms : ( </3

“So just upgrade them, duh!”

/leaps onto my humble pile of coins.


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Doomsday’s regenerative powers and Hulk’s strength. Everytime it’s killed it gets stronger and immune to what killed it so at the end nothing can kill it. So the writer’s conviently create a way to blast it off to some planet to be banished to forever and ever.


Instead of two super powers, I would combine 2 personality “flaws” and a disease:
the unadulterated greed of WoW Goblins and ST Ferengi and mix in a little bit of the itch-scratch-cycle and need for gold of Gold Fever from from the mini-series premier of the original Duck Tales run. You could refer to this affliction as Avarice 3, but I prefer to call it The Bezos Sweats.

It’s the perfect set of “powers” for wealth-obsessed, Goblin robber-baron like myself!
:moneybag: :money_mouth_face: :moneybag:
Greed is eternal.


Goodness… Those are really cool combos !

For me I’d go with Wolverine & Magneto’s abilities, I’d be able to fly, live super long and be really sad when I accidentally fry my computer!

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The One Above All along with its dark half The One Below All since they’re two halves of the same being (Marvel) and The Presence (DC). Because i’m aiming high.

My favorite crossover involving Hulk would be to give him a red lantern ring.


Put him against Red Hulk and watch the world collapse. (Also they’d probably turn the Hulk into an anti-hero some how.)

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Maybe I’d rather mix Groot & Iceman? Grow plants and always be able to water them !.. After the ice melts ofc…
:herb: :frog:

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