Santa Marg's 16th Gift Giveaway!

Hello Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade! I am Margerdria, And every year I have held a Christmas Gift Giveaway. Normally it was held in Goldshire but got moved due to CRZ. This will be my 16th (Where has the time gone?!?!). Why do I do this? I love to give back to my Server and have fun doing it! Info on the Event/Gifts is Below. Hope to see you guys there!

Event: Santa Marg’s 16th Annual Christmas Gift Give-a-way.

Date(s): December 23rd, and December 27th.

Times: Thursday, December 23rd at 6:30 p.m. Server time and Monday, December 27th at 5:30 p.m. Server time. (Possible 3rd Day Info Below!)

Location: Stormwind City By one of the 2 Christmas Tree’s near the Keep

You will be able to find me Dressed up in my Santa Outfit, Along with any Helpers i may have at that time! Announcements will be put up in General/Say/Yell/Trade Chat Starting 2-3 Weeks before the Event happens. THIS IS A FEATHERMOON/SCARLET CRUSADE ONLY EVENT! I hope to see Feathermoon people and Scarlet Crusade People at the Event!

Time Info: For Scarlet Crusade Server, Feathermoon is Pacific Time!

STREAM! (Added 2016): Back in 2016, I did a Stream to my Facebook and Twitch. I had a few people watching it, so i will do so again This year!

PHOTO OP! (Added 2017): Anytime after the Event, if you would like to do a Selfie with Me, Let me know! I will be there 30 mins after the Event Ends if people wish a Photo/Selfie with me! (people with the Toy can try to Photo Bomb us too!!) Be sure to use #SantaMargWoW if you post to Twitter!

Anything from Uncommon to Epic Gear, Battle Pets, Patterns, Coupons for FREE Bags and MORE!

Every Year i have, what i call a BIG GIFT. Normally it is a Code for a Digital Deluxe Edition for a Blizzard game, One year i handed out a Code for the Swift Spectral Tiger Mount.

Bigger Gold Gifts! (Added 2018):
Continuing from 2018, is Double the Amount of Gold Gifts! Previous Years it was anywhere from 100g to 10k Gold. Now it will be 1k gold to 100k gold!

Third Day:
The past Few years, I have had a 3rd day and Handed out Gifts VIA In Game Mail to people i see in Trade Chat. You will not be Told that i sent you an item, it will just show up!

The last 8 Gift Giveaway’s i have opened up to everyone about Donating to this Event. If you wish to donate, You may send what ever you want to either Thandisa or Margerdria in game. Please Note that anything Consumable and stack able can not be wrapped up and will get returned. If you wish a letter back stating that i have gotten your donation(s) i will send that to you as well, Just please put something in the Body of the letter so it won’t get Deleted once i accept the Items. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you can make money off the items you are donating, KEEP THEM! I do not wish to take money away from a Player/guild if you can make money.

Do you wish to help out with this Event? Can you be objective and nice to people in Line? I am looking for people to help me. This has Grown over the years and i can’t seem to be everyone at once. Keeping people in Line and making sure they do not Cut. Making sure people are Nice to others, and not Rude to others. Helpers Get 3 FREE Gifts at the Start and End of Each day. So that’s a total of 6 Gifts for just helping out EACH DAY!! (If you need help getting the Santa Gear let me know i can make the Outfits and Shoes.)

And now for the Legal Stuff to protect my helpers and Guildies of my Actions during this event.

This event, actions of myself, or my helper(s) do not reflect the View’s and Opinion’s of Validus Knights and there Members/Officers/Leaders. Any actions of my helpers are of there own accord and should not reflect there guild they may be apart of. Any actions of myself are of my own accord and should not reflect upon Validus Knights and there Members/Officers/Leaders.

Code(s) Info:
The Code(s) will be put on a piece of Parchment in game. the code(s) are NOT TO BE SOLD in game. If caught, I will not be responsible for Actions taking to your account by Blizzard for the act of Selling these code(s) in game including, but not limited to Account Suspension’s and/or Account closing’s. Screen Shots of the Parchment will also be saved on my Computer in case something happens and i need to Dispute anything.

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