Sanctum of Domination Hotfixes Coming with Weekly Reset

In addition to other hotfixes that we’ll note in the hotfixes update later today, we want to highlight three Sanctum of Domination fixes that we’re currently working on and intend to implement with the weekly reset in each region.

Sanctum of Domination

Painsmith Raznal

  • The damage associated with spike waves now more consistently matches their visual effect.

Guardian of the First Ones

  • The Physical damage portion of Obliterate is now correctly increased by Obliterate’s vulnerability effect, and Obliterate’s vulnerability effect has been increased to 5000% on Heroic and Mythic difficulties.


  • Soul Shards will no longer despawn if the target of Soul Fracture dies prematurely.

Again, we intend the above changes to go live with the weekly reset in each region.


Firstest and thanks!
Raids been fun so far


Would still love to see KT timers themselves get review

Currently, the way the fight is designed, he retains his mana pool when he phases, and as such the sequence of cast events is variable. 5 versions of it to be precise, whether he’s pushed at 100/0, 20, 40, 60, or 80 mana.

In addition, there’s even a little wiggle room to have even more variation by trying to perfectly time push to him using echo or blizzard right before phasing.

This is problematic for two reasons

  1. having to stop dps for ideal timings is never fun mechanic. Maybe once in a while but this fight requires doing it constantly. At the top end, this kind of manipulation becomes the expected norm to make overlaps easier and more trivial to deal wth.

  2. outside of issue 1 where some raiders can make it easier, other raiders won’t have the knowledge or discipline to understand these variable timings. They just go in there and do the boss. This leads to player confusion when they pull it week 1 and it’s easier and then week 2 they got better gear, had different push timings and the fight feels harder. They’re thinking “we got better gear, why is fight harder? did blizz stealth buff it?”. or wondering “why did blizzard change the timings? now we gotta relearn the fight” when in reality you guys didn’t change anything, they just got a different variation of timings because week 2 they pushed a x mana instead of y mana.

All around, this just feels bad. KT should have consistent timings on phase change no matter what, this means he should be set to a fixed mana value on phasing. I think this would help solve both problems and give a more consistent experience for everyone.


Please communicate with your community regarding real issues… thanks…


I think you may have forgotten Fatescribe in this post.


Some people consider content tuning to be real issues


Are you going to forcibly remove the Mythic lockouts with the weekly reset? There’s nothing stopping the guilds from just extending the Sylvanas lockouts but all the other guilds that aren’t the top 5 in the world right now are gonna do a boss that is exponentially harder than the boss those guilds killed.

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I feel like Blizzard is forcing a re-clear, regardless of the lockout. If Sylvanas is all but impossible right now due to them changing her health requirements, won’t they likely need to clear it all again for big loot upgrades? I guess they could try downing her with just some extra heroic gear after the reset, but I’m unsure if that will be enough?


They all have 252 raid GV loot coming on reset as well as the heroic splits they can do.


Congrants to change sylvanas dying with 45% on mythic instead of 50% and didnt say about it, blizzard

Nice job saying nothing to comunity, as always you did

Guess i wasn’t crazy afterall.


It doesn’t say 50% in the dungeon journal otherwise either? Don’t see how this is such a big deal?

I have no idea what any of this means except the painsmith thing. Actually nvm I know the KT thing is apparently to avoid the death trinket strat I guess.

Damn if only you had like… testing with players you could have seen how things were undertuned or something so we didn’t need to beta test on live servers.


How are you in here crying about content you aren’t even doing?

Are you currently working on Sylv?

Just curious… which boss are you currently progressing on?

The Nine. We’re not getting to KT for a while, but there are other guilds that currently are on KT.

Blue post for this probably the most boring and tedious raid in the whole game

but no blue post about the KSM season 2 account wide issue



And when a blue post about what the community wants? for example KSM season 2