San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

While I’m still excited for Dracthyr, they do have some issues that seem to put a damper on said excitement that makes me hope it isn’t a trend to have such limited races and classes in the future.

Prefacing this post by saying this is all in my own personal opinion.

The lack of armor showing on the Dracthyr dragonform, other than shoulders, tabards, and waist slots to my knowledge is very disappointing since my Dacthyr characters are going to wander about mostly in their birthday suits. Yet their humanoid forms get to wear all the mail transmogs for all slots despite not being able to be in combat (something they’re looking at changing) and the dragonkin form being needed for attacks as an Evoker, from my understanding. It’s sorta like if Worgen couldn’t wear much armor but their human form can despite not being able to be in combat with them. Just seems a bit lazy to not have Dracthyr’s main form wear armor.

The Evoker class being limited to Dracthyr and vice versa also just seems like a waste of resources to make something more niche. Having classes that multiple races can be adds much more to the game and world building in general. It’s a reason I wasn’t really fond of Demon Hunters, especially since it seems like there is a trend of new classes (and also races) having a starting area you’re stuck going through instead of being out in the open world (of Warcraft!). Not to mention several other classes that have been requested and would have more variety get pushed aside. Seeing as new classes come at a slower pace than new races, who knows if/when we’ll see new classes in the future?

My hope is that it doesn’t become a trend. As I said, I’d hate to see Darkfallen only being able to be Hunters or a new class of some kind, like if Dark Rangers were a class. Or seeing playable San’layn, but they can only be a Blood Mage. It just makes these races a bit one note, like the example I used if Pandaren could only be Monks.

As I said, I’m still excited for them, but seeing the info about them has lowered them a bit. If anything, I take some solace in that it seems to open more doors for playable Sethrak and Saurok in different ways and also lets all three be unique compared to each other.

Hopefully, should we see playable San’layn/Darkfallen, they’ll get better treatment and can be multiple classes and such. :wine_glass::bat:


That was exactly the inspiration.


Chocobos look so much cooler though, I have to admit. Perhaps it’s the updated graphics.

Also yeah. The limitations are super disappointing.

Though I suppose people could cling onto the hope that “no ARs for 10.0 doesn’t mean for 9.2.5” but if their focus is so hyperfixated on Dracthyr, I doubt they put resources into an AR. It would be the smart decision to get people to preorder, but… yeah. .-. As of now, there’s no reason to preorder the expansion.

Perhaps they’ll release the dragon people early but that’d be pretty odd given there wouldn’t be dragon isles lore for them and we wouldn’t be able to play in there yet anyhow. It’d just be sort of weird.

Then there’s the 9.2.5 Calia & tyrande stuff. So who knows.

As of now, I have doubts the AR will even happen, but I will say people who say “10.0 = / = 9.2.5” are correct. As I said, though, they did emphasize Dracthyr a lot, so… yeah.


I initially wasn’t expecting much for 9.2.5 to be honest. A few questlines like that Blood Elf heritage thing, but nothing really major.

That one leak referenced by Red Shirt Guy, which got everything right about the Dragonflight presentation, is really the main reason why there is some sort of expectation of at least one new race as a preorder incentive for the next expansion. I normally would just expect early access to the Dracthyr, which I’m sure is part of it, but given we have events planned for 9.2.5 and that Dragonflight preorders still aren’t opened, it does seem suspect at present.

I would say some new playable races would bring up preorders even more. A lot of people quit during Shadowlands, and it’d be a good way to entice people back if they put in races that would be popular in general. I’d say Darkfallen would be a good contender for that role, especially if they can be vampiric like with San’layn, but there could be other races that could get players back and preorder numbers up.

That said, I’m still tempering expectations. I mostly am talking about Darkfallen in general lately since I feel like it’s important to talk about them as a playable race and put out feedback and support for San’layn representation of some kind among them, whether they’re forthcoming or not. I still feel that it’s important to start discussions on it since Darkfallen have a classification update.

It’s very possible that we wouldn’t see any new playable races in 9.2.5, and even then it is up in the air what it could be. I’m just hoping it won’t be too long before we see 9.2.5 information and Dragonflight preorders open up so we can put this rumor to bed.

As for Dragonflight as a whole, I suppose anything is possible for allied races since we’re not in some cosmic area. Any other playable races that would come during that expansion likely would be near the end, leading into the next expansion like with Legion going into BfA. It’s something we’ll have to see as the next expansion begins and progresses.

And regardless of what happens or doesn’t happen, I’m still supporting playable Horde San’layn as best as I can. I have some more general thoughts on Darkfallen as a playable race I’ll type out when I can get my thoughts together to put it in a coherent post. :wine_glass::bat:


Saaame. I hate being dripfed basic information like this. Just tell me like it is pls.

The leak having an AR sounds positive and I’m hopeful for DF but we’ll see


They really don’t understand the players.
There’s so many problems with all of this. All the restrictions, not giving players what they’ve been asking for for years. You’d think they’d be wanting to do things to make players happy and attract new players, especially things that don’t require excessive effort.

I still don’t understand why there isn’t a customization team dedicated to regularly bringing to the game things that interest the players like customizations, classes, races, class skins, etc.

They could easily just say so… “No allied races for 10.0, but we’ve got a surprise for you before then!” Something like that goes a LONG way. Even better would just being much more communicative.

For a company who has other games that mainly stay afloat due to the addition of customizations, I really don’t understand why there isn’t a team on WoW whose whole purpose is this. A large part of the gaming industry is all about this.

Agreed. A class that has no melee or tank coupled with the lack of any other classes that the race can be to fill that gap.

Then you have visage form…dragons can look like any mortal race…SO WE CAN AS A DRACTHYR? Nope. Why?
I keep saying they say they’re giving us the dragon fantasy to play as but not really.

Everything is so restricted where they should be providing the players with the tools to play their character the way they want to, not dictating how we can.

There’s another game in development that I follow, it’s still being built, definitely alpha stage. They’re very open with communication, regularly doing videos on youtube of what they’re making and how things are working out. Info on how they want various systems to work. Reiterating based on feedback and playtesting…all while still keeping the campaign pretty guarded, storywise.

Why can’t blizzard do something like this? Communication is important.
I’d imagine the lack of a large publisher for the other group gives them a lot of freedom, but man is it disappointing.


Agreed. I swear to god I learn more about a new patch or expansion through the damn data miners than actual developer interviews and spot lights.


That’s so very true.


I was just talking to my bf about that today. That they use to tell us everything about expacs. The dungeons and what they looked like, the enemies. Pretty much most of the story plot. Then in BFA things started to become more secret. Less information.

I kind of get it. Because they want to make sure things are done before showing them. It’s just so mysterious though.


Players: “Can you just communicate with us, please?”
Blizzard: “Boom, dragons! No one saw that coming!”
Players: “Yes we did. We’ve been expecting a dragon themed expansion since, like, BfA.”
Blizzard: “Did I just hear something? Well, no CC members are present… Must’ve imagined it.”


I’d say even earlier than BFA. I don’t know when exactly rumors about the Dragon Isles started, but it’s been rumored for quite a few expacs. I started to believe it’d just never really happen.


It’s actually for that reason my reaction was always “no way” to the fake leaks.

Heck, there was even doubt after the xpac name was leaked. People were thinking either it was put there to trick us, or was the name of an upcoming mobile game or something.

…Ok, so I guess there was some level of surprise that came with dragons.


Well, speaking of misinformation.

Balesong brought this up to me in the San’layn discord. The link shared is vastly, vastly different than the actual translation. The wording is entirely different than a simple “Nope no ARs, we’re only focusing on Dracthyr”.

So there’s that. Sorry Sethrak fans D: I want to see them playable too, though.


Even now with some of the features, I’m like, I need to test this to see if it is what they really say. :rofl:


Really just need to be adding things players want and creating little side stories that explain it where needed. There’s really no reason to wait for some big expansion centered around it, as that’s just keeping us from having a lot of things added, that should have already been added years ago.
Necromancers, tinkers, tons of races…I’m tried of waiting years for content players want.


I am starting to REALLY dislike the Drakthyr.

It’s like they made a Frankenstein of features players hate.

Does not display Armor fully like Mechagnomes.

Even more limited than Demon Hunters.

The most limited Class Combos posible.

Came out of nowhere.

Aren’t exactly what we have been asking for in a Dragon Race/Class but eliminates those as a possibility.

And now they are eating up ALL the resources for Racial Customization!

Not to mention they already have a limited nich of players that would like them given that their Mortal Forms look like a Lizard version of the movie Cats and their Dragon Forms look like Argonians with Wings.

And it’s not like people are going to roll more than one like people do with other Races because they are a one Class Race and they eliminated the need for having characters on each faction. Why roll more than one?

I get the feeling these are their new baby and they are putting all their hopes and dreams in them rather the asking the players what we want.


Face Concept Art by Unknown (can’t make out the tag), Hairstyle/etc. by Ray of the Sun.

It’s by Faebelina.


I mean, it also says 10.0, but the leak claims it’s pre-purchase in 9.2.5, so could also just be typical Blizzard Lawyer Speak.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’ll fix the post in between these mythic island spam runs lol.


Small suggestion.

Rather then having to re-edit the list each time it might make more sense to make master-link-page to all the megathreads and give a short comment on what each race wants/needs.

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Yeah, that’s true. It seemed like in the Icyveins article it closed the door, but upon closer inspection, it was for those specific races, not ARs in general, and you’re right, did not say anything about prepatch/9.2.5. Granted, I’m still kinda meh because all of their focus is on Dracthyr which might mean it’s still a no, but who knows at this point.