San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

While I don’t personally care about uniqueness, I don’t think a shared Darkfallen AR would make sense from an in universe stand point.

There doesn’t exist a group of alliance leaning Thalassian Darkfallen, but we do have a Kaldorei one.

Like I know the idea of Darkfallen AR is pure wishful thinking at this point, but with the set ups we have right now, I do think it would be more likely to see a Kaldorei v/s Thalassian divide somehow whether it’s a race with different models depending on faction, or just new customization options for NE and BE.

I do think my thoughts about all of this are more wishful thinking rather than stuff that could happen. But something so cool could be done with Kaldorei Dark Rangers + the Ardenweald Seed. And then Soulshape could be their racial?

If the PTR BE quest made a connection with the Venthyr and San’layn, and bring in Kael, I could see a similar connection with Thalassian Dark Rangers and Venthyr, and then Door of Shadows as their racial?


While Door of Shadows would make for an awesome Darkfallen racial, I’d prefer if all of these movement abilities ended up on the talent trees myself.

Warlocks have real trouble with movement for example, so if Soul Shape was made into a Kal’dorei Dark Ranger racial, then either they’d be unquestionably the best Warlock race, or if they don’t get Warlocks then Warlocks just lose out on movement entirely.


Oh yeah, I would also want the Covenant abilities to be baked into the abilities tree, but given their generic nature I don’t think they will be.

Like I can see the 4 class specific covenant ones being worked into the trees, but Soulshape added to each class or spec tree? I don’t think that’s on the table :confused:

The 4 generic covenant abilities feel more like racials than class/spec skills.

If they are introduced they will absolutely be night elf for the alliance and blood elves for the horde. Their “sharing” comes in their story and identity.

Darkfallen are very important to the horde based on their importance to forsaken and blood elves. This importance has a lot of story hooks that most likely will not be explored for parity sake.

I don’t believe that these darkfallen developments are good for playable san’layn.

If anything, I think recent developments are erasing the distinction between both of them. That does lead to the possibility of downplaying the most specific vampiric aspects of them tho. Like in Blood Elves, who still have fel users, but we really don’t see them much now.

I actually did but worded it differently to avoid pointless forum arguments from both sides of the High Elf debate. I will add the term “Warpaint” though to make it more clear.


I’m gonna just say it. The class restrictions on the one CC thread tied to customizations and the general ness of the thread basically make it a moot point,

Maizou has largely changed the OP of this thread at the other threads request and I think that is a shame, as Maizous thread was a comprehensive actual thread which listened to communities.

At worst there’s room for both threads, at best Maizous is arguably far better than the original which worked w almost no one in any customization thread on the forums.

They did leave the drop down menu as their OP and moved their OP as a reply to the other thread, but I largely got the vibe from the Tauren poster they were unhappy someone else made a thread which I couldn’t understand given how poorly their own OP both was and I would think if people who felt left out liked Maizous thread why they wouldn’t be more happy the spotlight was off of their own.

Now apparently per the request of the first thread goer they wanted Maizou to more or less make their thread moot?

The OP of the one thread is basically a very class restriction focused customization thread- for example runic tattoos are one of the BE players most asked requests on a list of requests, the OP of that thread has the request for mages.

I’d note customization is looking like its coming to a halt, and a thread w an OP that tries to listen to the various communities seems both important, and can’t hurt.


I’m definitely hoping Blizzard looks at that thread as a whole myself! I did like the vice versa addition to the OP, but yeah, I like the detail in Maizou’s. I’m glad there’s an ongoing thread with a lot of details throughout the thread going now.

I really hope Blizzard looks into it as a whole and the discussion in general surrounding customization.

Also the recent interview of ‘when’ we’d want customization should probably come up in that thread too. I spotted it in passing. But it’s disappointing how most of it’s going to Dracthyr when we were hoping for more love to main races. ESPECIALLY since Dracthyr, for now, can only be one class.

Edit: Drives me nuts that we can’t quote specific parts from CC threads though :frowning:


I mean thats the thing, Blizzard isn’t taking customization seriously.

And the one thread has an OP that is more or less a hollow/fake compilation of the requests involved, they got most of their facts wrong from BEs losing more visual uniqueness, to runic tattoos being part of class locked customization.

If the Tauren wants class locked customization, but took issue w Maizous thread I don’t get it, the OPs were vastly different, it’s why I thought one did a good job of listening to every community so far, and why the other looks hollow.

Blizzard can handle two vastly different takes on customization threads being up because at worst their vastly different at best one arguably is better and deserves the spotlight and its not the one focused on class restricting customization.

BE players have lost uniqueness and wanted runic tattoos since BC, only for it to become a mage thing all races can use but mage only? Like the threads are vastly different and there’s no other way to put it, there should be no reason why the Tauren CC member wanted Maizous thread gone


Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist but a thread that listed most the horde and alliance requests evenly gets made moot when coincidentally they notice a thread that offers quite a large percentage of it’s time requesting to a high elf request.

That really sucks. I felt listened to by Maizou on this topic. That taruen I don’t really feel at all like they have a bead on the communities wants. (At least not more than one or two communities.)

At least Maizou’s good work is still represented but I feel like they would be better leading a thread on customizations rather than the other.


Yeah, I’m not a fan of locked customization at all, true. That really isn’t good.

I wanted to bring up locking runic tattoos myself! Mages aren’t the only ones who use those – Death Knights do as well (their whole class is based around runes!) and Blood Elves have been shown to have runic tattoos in the BC art. If the thread could be tweaked to have less restriction ideas and more generalized ideas, it might be received better. A lot of people are understandably concerned about more restricted customization for things like that.

For specific themes (void elves, LFD), it makes more sense, but in that case, it wouldn’t. Plus, runic tattoos on characters in general would be cool, it could be universal. I like the idea of more universal customizations myself, if it has to do with scars, tattoos, runes, and such.


Hardly listened to anyone, apparently talked the OP of the thread that did listen to everyone into effectively making their thread moot (so the tone I sensed earlier was correct they were annoyed someone did a better job than them) and the two are vastly different.

There’s no way you can look at the Taurens thread that was pointed out time and time again all these issues that don’t represent any community I’ve seen and say yeah they consulted w every community and people feel heard, and the amount of class locking, its basically a class restriction customization advocating thread.

At best both are completely different takes and thats as nice as I can put it.

At worst, the OP focused on class restricting should fold their OP into a response after seeing someone actually engage and make communities feel heard.


It would be silly to lock runes to mages… since all characters use runes as a magical language in there spells and it shows up in spell effects.

The magical language is used by many classes and races.

Now class specific customization would be nice. But I think lore should be looked at for such things and fan-made cosmetics. Like I would love to see shaman with lightning eyes. I could also see some using shaman and elemental runes as tattoo options. Mages don’t have a monopoly on runes, they tend to just show the arcane ones. Heck lightforged show use they use light rune language for customization.

Runes is the magical language for all sorts of races and classes. I think that poster should rethink/revise that thread.


By the way, this thread is in the top 20 of top ‘All Time’ threads (18 to be exact). Grats everyone ^^ Just figured I’d put that fun fact out there.

Playable San’layn for the Horde WITH WINGS!!!

(This will always be my favorite San’layn art from Hearthstone.)


I’ve already brought up opposition to the class restrictions in that CC thread to that CC member twice, and was ignored both times. They say they’re listening, but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.


The fact that we have to repeat ourselves constantly and use this place as a practical battleground to shout about our opposition because otherwise we won’t be heard at all given Blizzard only apparently will pay attention to the council shows just how horrid an idea it is.

It just feels like a lazy excuse not to actually use the forums and see what the community has to say. sigh

And of course, as we see here, there’s strong bias for certain communities.


They should remove all class restrictions for customizations to either it’s own thread about class locked customization or gut their own OP and then reply to it as a follow up idea, they seemed to have made Maizou gut their OP as a reply despite literally being vastly different threads.


Well hey…on the bright side gives people reasons to bump this thread without some form of trolling going on.


Yeah, that’s true haha. Darkfallen are on people’s minds now, so there’s that. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high that we’ll see them playable, though. Blizzard has a habit of not delivering on what people really want.