San’layn/vampyr elf Customization (and Allied Race idea) Coagulated Megathread {Re-VAMPed}

Thanks for the response!

My objection was over things like runes being class locked. Runes would make a great general customization for magical races like Blood Elves, Nightborne, Draenei, etc. Or what if you wanted Dalarani flair on a Human, but wanted to play a Warlock or Rogue for example?

For class specific customization, I’d prefer things like quivers for Hunters (as one model tied to Thas’dorah and another as a cloak replacer is pretty limiting), librams for Paladins, the fire orbs that Fire Mages used to have in Legion, etc.


You know…this expansion has red dragons relevant to the lore again. You know what red dragons can do? Heal the scars on the land caused by the scourge. The wrathgate was blighted just as much and their presence caused life to grow there. Perhaps…something similar could happen with Silvermoon :wink:

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I spent a lot of time talking about; why can’t all hairstyles and stuff be shared across the races. Void elves are former blood elves from the horde, so it would make sense that some of them kept their hairstyles and so on. Keep in mind that there are many different opinions and suggestions, and you won’t always agree with every single one.

This goes under transmog and will be featured in another post. I mean more physical traits on a characters body depending on their race and class.

Mages having runes, warlocks having fel traits, paladins with light eyes etc.

I hope you guys read the posts and you are more than welcome to make your own posts and respond to it, that way we will see it easier as we’ll be notified and you can create a collective post about things you wish were brought up.


I don’t like the idea of quivers being exclusive with cloaks though, unless you’re talking about adding a separate transmog slot for them? Making them customization would be a way to dodge transmog restrictions.

I disagree with runes being restricted to just Mages.


I said above what I was hoping would be brought up yet hasn’t yet. Allied race requests. Customization requests. There’s whole detailed threads that haven’t been mentioned at all.

I hope you guys read the posts. You didn’t address pretty much anything I said.

I’ll repeat: it’d be nice if CC members actually asked and contributed to threads in GD with detailed feedback because the subjects we’ve brought up have been virtually untouched and it’s frustrating to make suggestions, be unheard for years, and then suddenly a select small council calls the shots.

We shouldn’t have to make separate threads to respond to every CC suggestion that’s somewhat relevant to be heard.

Also I haven’t seen you in any of those threads. Not in this one nor the other customization threads I’ve frequented. It could be a preference thing which is fine but allegedly the CC is supposed to talk about stuff the community is interested in and threads with tons of responses and detailed feedback are left completely ignored.


You also spent a lot of time emphasizing HE role players, while ignoring the impact their further requests has on BE visual uniqueness while offering little to nothing for BEs.

You spent months compiling that thread, then turned around and advocated for another HE request while never even peaking in the BE thread? “A lot of role players who enjoy the options they got from BEs want to know why can’t all BE options be given to them” was a sentiment in your post. Well BE fans don’t appreciate the loss of visual uniqueness and your post didn’t seem very thorough.


Something I have been thinking of doing is typing up a post that could be presented by a community council member, whether it is a currently willing member or if one of us ever gets on there, that would lead into playable race and customization megathreads being introduced, explain what we are and what we do, and generally linked to.

It would be something that at least explains the interests and passions we have in general, the continuation of both being added to the game over time, and other such details while linking to that megathread index in this megathread. It’d also be acknowledged that they’re all something we wouldn’t expect immediately, but instead be something for consideration over time.

However, if I am to do that, I’d want to get as much megathread creators and regulars to at least critique a rough draft of the post and give their thoughts on what should be included in it, since it would be something representing all of our interests and not be something I’d go into business for myself. Even if it’d be something I disagree with, it is only right that every megathread gets fair representation. It would also be each megathread creator’s responsibility to ensure their megathreads are in a presentable fashion.

To be clear, assuming such a post does get on that community council, there is no guarantee all of our wishes would come true and there is no idea how much consideration it would get from Blizzard, assuming they even look at it. However, I feel like it would be good to have something ready to go if such an opportunity comes.

If anyone has any opinions on such a post, please let me know. I’ll be mulling over it in my head some to see if I can think of how to word it. :wine_glass::bat:


How is that a problem? Visual uniqueness shouldn’t be emphasized, more options should. Just give every race options from other races that make sense. give troll beards. Give Night elves highborne options, and give void elves paladins

CC members aren’t politicians. They shouldn’t focus on specific groups. They should focus on huge issues that plague the game. And more customisations are a universal request


Well you’re in luck HE RP options on VEs lacking isn’t an issue that plagues the game.


I think that would be a very nice resource for any CC member to refer to.

I’ll admit I feel generally ignored in this community by both the CC members and Blizzard. A post like that may increase the chances of our desires being heard.


I have to agree. Blizzard was more than generous with High Elf RP options for Void Elves. If Void Elves see any new customization options, they should be void-centric. And if any sharing is to be done between races, it’s certainly time for Void Elves to be the ones to do some sharing (looking at you hairstyles).


Add sanlayn and dark ranger options to the horde :tada:


Honestly a small part of me still hopes we get red eyes and undead skin on BE’s at least, like when we got the golden eyes at the end of Legion/start of BfA :sob:


Honestly, after taking an in depth look at that thread, it’s a hard agree.

And I support a hair style SWAP between Blood Elves & Void Elves… but for void elves to get all options that Blood Elves have?

I sincerely do NOT feel heard there, and this is yet another reason I’ve come to utterly resent the Community Council, honestly. Twice were void elves, who got more than enough, mentioned there. As destroying their uniqueness for being void elves, taking more from blood elves, and offering NO suggestion for Blood Elves in return.

We all know I hate factions and want options shared, but that’s ridiculous. It’s obvious only extremist high elves were listened to yet again with the whole ‘give all blood elf options to void elves’ and NO SUGGESTION in return for what Blood Elves could get even though there’s been so many suggestions here on the forums.

It’d be different if it was worded like ‘more hair styles should be shared between ALL RACES’ but instead, it was that specifically. Felt extremely one way. I’m so tired of it.

“Why have you become so jaded and hate the idea of the CC?”

This is why.

Might be a good idea, but I have doubts on anyone in the CC actually posting it or caring, which is the incredibly frustrating thing.



I just wanna say that a lot of people from the velf / helf community support or are not against Darkfallen / DR customizations. Myself included.

I hope we all get what we want in the upcoming patches. Our community is also very frustrated with the lack of customization, despite the re-colours we got. We try to keep calm but it’s hard when you are playing the waiting game.

Hope there’s more coming for 9.2.5 for all of us.


Is that what we are to you? Extremist? Terrorist? Bad people because we got listened too for the first time instead of being ignored all along and told to go do this instead?

If the shoe doesn’t fit it seems clear to not be pressed about what otherwise obvious side of the community was being generally spoken about, and yes those people do exist and it is frustrating they continue to be under the assumption that Blood Elves losing visual uniqueness didn’t matter, then acting shocked when people continue to take opposition stances to their ideas often citing the impact it has had and will continue to have on blood elves (something they try to pretend doesn’t exist or wave off as an acceptable outcome).


Posting here because someone I have on ignore once again replied to the thread and I don’t care to respond to people who I find very toxic. I just hate the little ‘1’ symbol. I also don’t care what people who I have on ignore have to say.

Regardless, I’m frustrated on the wording of the post and wanting even more from blood elves with no suggestion in return, and some people begging for San’layn exclusive stuff on void elves where we’ve been asking for years.

I honestly maintain I don’t care what void elves get as long as blood elves actually get something in return for once (like a hair style SWAP or another theme, and no, not light nonsense.) Seeing people beg for SMC, more blood elf options, etc is frustrating whenn blood elves got completely shafted in SLs customization. I’d be less angry at folks who take things to the extreme end of the spectrum if they actually suggested swaps as opposed to flat out “give us everything they have”. Something we did not in fact get the first time void elves got their high elf stuff.

Edit: Lann beat me so that also works, lol. I hate the shadow '1’s. And in this thread specifically there is no option to view hidden reply. (Not that I want to. I don’t care.)


Extremist as in ones who cry that what they got was “just hand me downs” despite being what was asked for, and that have a big hate on for blood elves.

Unlike helfers like me who go “Oh, these options are nice, thanks! More would be nice in the future, but I’m grateful for what I’ve been given already.”


Oh it’s THAT person I have on ignore. I assume they’re trying to twist my words again? Pathetic but not surprising. I have 0 respect for them.

Yes, you’re awesome. You’re someone who actually understands the obvious things that I say and know I’m not against high elves, I just don’t care. And I don’t want them to get everything constantly while the race I love continues to get nothing in exchange.