San’layn/vampyr Elf ALLIED RACE Coagulated Megathread of Ideas{Re-VAMPed} (Part 1)

I clicked it anyway because I usually can’t resist when I someone says don’t do this. :yum: :yum: :yum:


Name checks out

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narrows eyes

People love vampires…

People love elves…

Evidently they didn’t do so great with recent profit or whatever.

Add the vampire elves. That’ll get people interested. There’s a reason why people play so many elves. They like them.

I unapologetically love vampires, as do many people, so it’s a win.


11 thousand comments? really?

check the thread

(literally the usual suspects)

ah, okay.

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I mean, if people have a problem with this thread, I suggest they mute it. I don’t really understand the issue with discussing things we want added to the game.


Okay so here’s my idea for the Lightfallen, we take the San’lyan corpses and the Narru Prime pieces… /s


The portal could just be a bug. And I hope the only thing we do with Calia is throw her off the zeppelin tower.


What’s wrong with that?


Some folk judge a thread by the number of people who regularly comment. Its an odd metric since it tells you little of value.


Yeah it’s weird. There’s roughly about 300 active people on this forum, so there is gonna people posting more than once. Especially in these types of threads where we keep adding more ideas. Honestly I feel like people like that see a chill thread and can’t help but start trouble.


I found it a bit ironic they mentioned “the usual suspects” when the second I saw the name I was like … lol the irony of this. iykyk shrugs

Also this a lot of overlap of fans lol its not uncommon for a lot of the people who used to want Vulpera to still support Sethrak to this day etc


Not to mention, threads will become active again when new content is being discussed. Especially when there’s relevant speculation, like the allied race rumors possibly being Darkfallen, what with many factors pointing to it (not a certainty, as always, of course).

But… it’s been proven time and again that continuing discussion and showing interest is more likely to get something added into the game. Some examples:

  • High elf customization.
  • Vanilla WoW.
  • Language Barrier break (the RP potion, that was due to a post.)
  • Playable dragonkin
  • Worgen remodels
  • Pull the Ripcord
  • No/less Borrowed Power

There’s probably many, many more that we haven’t spoken about.

But yes, we’re an issue for liking vampire elves? The horror.

Same here, I KNEW it was someone fishy. I wish that crowd would avoid us and this thread, but evidently they can’t get enough. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


We live rent free in their heads because we are the worst people ever.


Agreed, we are just the worst. We harass, chase people off forums to harass on other social media, deny inappropriate harassment, pretend to be friends with those who support our art only to talk horribly behind their backs, spread misinformation/lies… OH WAIT! That’s not us. But it happens to be a certain bunch of folks that need to back off.


It’s really appalling that their behavior is all because of elves in a game.


I feel like Sanlayn / undead elves always generates talk / people engaged, it’s not like you have to ask people to bump your own thread for a lackluster idea at least, that would be embarrassing.

People engage bcz they want to engage and enjoy the ideas here :man_shrugging:t5: :heart:


Aw that’s true, thanks so much! Yeah I’ve noticed the interest in Darkfallen skyrocket, especially lately. Even when I vanished for a month, folks still wanted to talk about this stuff, which is exciting. I appreciate the genuine support I see here, it’s awesome.


I still wanna see a San’layn themed mico-holiday for donating blood.


I mean, who wouldn’t ;D

But yeah, I do think the fantasy can be achieved on a base level with reused textures. I’m pretty content with how we got the option to have some HE fantasy with very little dev work.

And it would be so easy and doable to unlock the red eyes and DK skins :sob: