San’layn/vampyr Elf ALLIED RACE Coagulated Megathread of Ideas{Re-VAMPed} (Part 1)

I imagine that was probably just due to the fact Pandaren originally started neutral even at Character Creation.

But now that you have to choose a faction at creation, I imagine that type of thing can be done.

EDIT: Like, I always found it weird that Horde pandaren could choose the blue color for their hair, and alliance the reds. That would’ve been an easy way to add some faction uniqueness.

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This thread is like a Weeping Angel.

It moves really fast when I’m not looking.

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I love sunglasses cat with every fiber of my being and would die for that kitty.


Also of note is my compilation of customization and Allied Race threads at the bottom of the post I linked to you.

It’s also found in my void elf thread and my mechagnome thread. (and my furbolg but that’s less pertinent to this.)

You also may want to simply peruse the mechagnome one.


I mean I don’t think fur color should be faction specific. But I could easily see them have faction specific fur paint sort of tattoos. Horde could have the horde symbol for example, alliance the alliance symbol. And some unique hairstyles for both factions and faction ornaments. Horde = spikes. Alliance = idk what is the spikes equivalence but yea.

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If it’s not too much trouble I noticed a few things.

If there was any way to mention NEs unlocking the jewelry for guys too, NB guys get jewelry, and its not really asking for new jewelry its just unlocking it - same w the tattoos the NE female model can’t access to unlock that for them.

Also I spoke w Falls before I wanted to ask this and she can add her own points too, but if there is any way to remove the second SL image and re instate the red tattoo (I think it was) you had in for BEs prior? I was just worried too many examples of one request got added, and I’d think it more important to be cognizant of not having too much in the BE section while showcasing more of a range which the tattoo mock up that was there still worked w SL while not being specific idk if that makes sense.

This was the one I was thinking that made sense to remove to add that pic back to have more of a range w/o having to add more to your thread in that section.

Also I noted the index addition was nice which realistically can take you to the Forsaken thread, but if there was any way to add some Forsaken options to the thread, like a posture toggle, I know there is some jewelry listed as a request for them.

I can’t really think of anything else, a note to stop locking accessories to guys/girls on any / all races, and more diverse hairstyle for all races


Can confirm, I’d be perfectly fine with that! I’m alright with just one of those images being shown. Maybe the eye marks, because those look really neat. It’s the third image in the post.

I added this to the first post in this thread:

So folks would understand the picture examples are hidden better!

I did that to reduce the clutter, since there’s a lot. I figured if people want to see the extent of our ideas, they can stop in and watch the video and click those arrows!

Here’s something to replace one of those pictures with!


Also just for the record I’m also gay & I always try to be super respectful of peoples pronouns and usually use they/them if I don’t know, and while I’ll argue w you on a plethora of things I’d like to know so I don’t ever mess that up.


After beating up the Jailer and turning Icecrown’s sky back to its thundering blue goodness, I flew around the area to see if I noticed if anything had changed.

Unfortunately as expected, it seems like the area is still time locked to the WotLK era. Not much has changed that I saw. The Horde and Alliance are still glaring at each other from across airships, the Death Knights still want to bring down Arthas, and L30 mobs are running around in an area that’d be most infested with Scourge from the Helm of Domination being shattered. (Oooo! Scary! Our world (of Warcraft!) is surely doomed!). Only in WoW can the sky be in one timeline and the ground be in another. Go figure.

Not that I really expected much of anything. I wasn’t really looking to find some San’layn like the missing Blood Princes who just happened to be chilling out somewhere and would invite me to a blood tea party or something as we talk about the importance of economics. Ah well. If anyone knows of any particular thing to check out, let me know and I’ll take a look.

On another note, I am happy to see the race request and customization megathreads being linked and presented to the Community Council in some fashion. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to have all our voices possibly having a better chance of reaching Blizzard for consideration. It isn’t a guarantee that we’ll see all our dreams come true, and hopefully Blizzard will look at our requests with interest and an open mind as opposed to scoffing and quickly dismissing things, but I feel like our chances in general have gone up at least a bit.

If I think of anything to suggest with regards to customization or race request megathreads being presented on the Community Council, I will be sure to post it here. Might be a bit before we see anything come of it, but still hoping for the best! :wine_glass::bat:


Does anyone have the picture example of more diverse skin tones for Draenei players mock up idk if it’s a LFD mock up or regular or both but seems pertinent to ask to add to that CC thread

I made this onyx skin tone for LFD. Is this what you were thinking of?


I love that pic!

The one I was thinking of had that skin tone but it was like 6 examples in one pic of varying shades would be worth adding as a picture example for Draenei


I just found out there is going to be an “Exploring Azeroth: Northrend” book coming out. I haven’t seen any websites report on it currently, but it is on Amazon US with a current release date of October 18th, 2022.

"Ever since the “crown of Azeroth” assumed center stage in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, millions of players have been captivated by the dark, stormy depths of the continent that has become synonymous with the dreaded Scourge. Now, venture into the icy, mysterious tundra of Northrend under the expert guidance of Clan Bronzebeard in this third installment in the wildly popular World of Warcraft: Exploring Azeroth series! "

I’ll have to look into buying this so I can report on anything San’layn related! :wine_glass::bat:


Interesting indeed. Well, I was very disappointed when the Chronicle gave no new information on San’layn at all. It was a huge letdown and made me super disappointed. Perhaps this book will be different.

I saw in another thread someone saying the AR had been leaked on the PTR? In that a kyrian was being escorted… but suggested it could be a placeholder? I haven’t found a source on this yet at all. It was a random post I spotted. Anyone know?

From my understanding, the whole Kyrian/Night Fae NPC’s being escorted around by Anduin in Stormwind and something about the Felsworn being in Orgrimmar was some sort of test Blizzard did and wasn’t suppose to be anything set in stone. It was from a discussion on Red Shirt Guy’s twitter. I’ll have to hunt to see if I can find where it came from.

Not sure what all it was a test for, but it seems like it wasn’t for anything set in stone. Then again, anything is possible if we are getting at least one AR, so who knows?

Will keep an eye out for any info once 9.2.5 gets announced and preorders for Dragonflight open. :wine_glass::bat:


Ah yeah okay, good to know Darkfallen aren’t off the table then. Won’t get my hopes up too high, but never know.


I have expressed my mighty need for that before and will again. One of my issues with Lightforged is that most of their pallet isn’t much different from baseline draenei (like nightborn and HMT, this was improved).

Personally, I know I’ve expressed my distaste for copy paste or very similar options before (excluding hairstyles because frankly, I got a lot of milage out of the great Cata hairswap and would again). The beige color looks distinctive from base draenei skins, but man, that black… with the tattoos… Want.

I’m finding myself playing more draenei anyway lately.

That being said, I would swap my baby draenei hunter out for Darkfallen just cause spooky is fun.

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I just worry, with how “Corrupt-A-Wish” blizzard tends to be, they’d add Darkfallen to the Alliance.

I don’t want another elf race on the Alliance. :sob: Lol.

Also, I’m currently going through my notifications on the forums, I woke up with like 47. (:sob:) so I’ll read back in this thread that I have alerts for soon.

I still hope that Darkfallen can be done as BE customization to account for a second visually distinct set of options :disappointed_relieved:


The Blood and Void Elf communities are by far the most active, so they will always have the most in a thread like this. Like, I was asked to add more void elf stuff, so I did. I’m doing my best to only include pics that portray something unique that’s requested. Like, the Kael’thas image seems out of place, but I can’t find any concept art of the runic tattoos on a Blood Elf. Lol.

I’ve been considering moving Blood Elf/Void Elf to the last races listed, so they don’t take away attention from the others though.

EDIT: Also, added the Blood Elf Images, Night Elf/Forsaken/Lightforged/Mechagnome stuff.

I use he/him, but I’m generally not pressed if people use she/her or such. It doesn’t bother me. Unless they’re doing it in a malicious way lol. I consider myself a guy, but it’s also somewhat complicated at times. :stuck_out_tongue: