Same-Faction BGs in Classic

It’ll probably be at least another hour or two.

The devs should be at work when the changes go live, in case anything breaks and they need to do emergency hotfixes.

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What a profoundly idiotic thing to say, truly, you must just repeat troll rhetoric and not have a mind of your own.

The queue times have everything to do with faction player imbalance, but if you truly believe the words you say, then there is no point in elaborating. It would be like trying to argue with someone who truly believed the earth was flat.


I think all alliance are stupid. Why do they want a balance in factions? PVP. What is blizzard fixing by implementing a change? PVP. Alliance actually has nothing to cry and groan about but they do it anyways just to do it because its a faction specific change and you guys are little kids going “UGH WHAT? WHERES MINE? I WANT ONE TOO”. You are all so childish. If this whole BG time thing was happening to your faction you would be asking for the same damn thing. So sit down, shut up, and play the game or dont. Either way Blizzard is going to do what they need to do to make sure (or try to despite the whiners) everyone is satisfied to the best of t heir ability.

I’m all for keeping the factions separate, but I honestly think this would be a step in the right direction if they allowed us to cross-faction in PvE as well.

Cross-faction PvE is unlikely to happen, Blizzard would lose out on all the profits from $30 faction changes.

$30 faction change sales might die down anyways at a certain point (once Alliance population is on life-support), but they are probably too short-sighted (or don’t care) to be concerned about that.

They seem to be mostly focused on short-term profits recently. For example, look at the cash-grab that is TBCC.

Also, there is an unusually quick response/turnaround from the devs regarding TBCC player requests.

Looks like it’s a < 1 month wait time from TBCC complain threads popping up —> devs providing the requested fix

It should be live now…


Oh goodie, will be keeping a close eye on that today :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :popcorn:

I hope blizzard knows this is a great and needed change. THANK YOU I GET TO PLAY THE GAME NOW!!! YAY


A priest LoF his hunter away from me before he could land his trap off his pet stun last night :smiling_imp: horde priest


Why didnt they just go with the merc mode option? It fixes queue times AND helps the underrepresented faction, at the same time. This fix helps queue times and completely kills the underrepresented faction. Am i missing something?

I’m guessing merc mode didn’t work that well on Retail. Players have to know that they need to go to a NPC to enable it, etc.

Ah, the 'ol pvp vendor debacle again. How will players ever find the vendor!!?? lol If you want short queue times, youll probably figure it out would be my guess.

This system works for everyone. It’s automatic.

Merc mode mainly works for the players who know about it. If people don’t use it, queues stay long for the entire faction.

There might also be other issues like Horde mercenaries trolling their Alliance teammates, people not wanting to play a race-changed toon that looks completely different, etc.


The irony of calling players of another faction children while ranting like a petulant child. Clearly that escaped you.

I’m not surprised that the classic devs came up with a different solution. Maybe the guy in charge has done PvP before.

Yeah, so basically LoF should require an IQ test to unlock. Lol I was FCing as a V DH in low CR a few months ago and this Priest on my team kept LoFing me towards enemy players.

LoF is dope when it works out, though.

It might actually be worse for horde. The queue time is still kind of long and the win rate will drop since you are fighting other horde. :stuck_out_tongue:

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All grips are an IQ test. Gladiator DK with the pro death grip, btw.

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LOL Good lord. Yeah in some ways getting more into BGs sort of ruined them for me. It makes everyone a critic as they watch people continually do absurd things.

Ok so let me get this right. Horde can earn honor faster now that que times are faster due to battlegrounds letting them que against other horde. Alliance is under populated and is having a hard time leveling and questing due to horde ganking because horde is over populated. So the solution is to let Horde get full pvp sets faster so they can open world gank Alliance even more… RIP Alliance. Instead of increasing the honor or rep Alliance get to help Alliance compete and increase, Blizz Has made TBC into Phase 2 of classic all over again… Makes perfect since to me. QQ some more.